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there are a number of projects that you can pull off on your own and save some money in the process you might think the do-it-yourself craze just isn't for you do you wish you were a DIY er I wish I could afford to have somebody else do it maybe you've had bouts of DIY anxiety when I'm plastering filling in holes if they're big sometime I get a kinda messy fueled by costly mistakes in the past when confidence seemed to exceed your skill set so that was you know a thousand-dollar mistake so there are some home repairs though every single one of us should be able to do without calling in the pros mr.


Handyman owner Alan Wratten shares his top five DIY home repairs first Alan you get calls all the time about garbage disposals being jammed yes right okay and so and there's a really a common fix for it and the easy fix yes make sure the power is off then try the reset button on the bottom or there's a hole right here and there's a key that looks like this if you see this in your drawer don't throw it away and basically it fits right here and then you just turn it and then if it's if that all doesn't work and you probably need to replace it number two weather stripping is one of those projects that you can do yourself yes it should be replaced whenever there's a tear to save energy and basically it just pulls out of a groove at the new ones size push it back in the groove that's all you have to do you don't have to attach it with anything right now maybe it fits right in the groove in just a few minutes project complete well get my honeydew's done next grab your drill one thing that you've been getting a lot of calls on are kickin some burglars breaking down the door most of those break-ins is because the door is not security and they're really easy to break in a metal plate screwed to the door jamb helps hold the door shut the key is to use longer 3-inch screws so burglars have a tougher time but all ten of man the net that'll prevent a break-in number four if your home is being attacked by mold Allen recommends spraying a simple homemade solution on it and it's about 75% water and 25% Clorox just one time one time I'll get it done and next year it will come back finally number five a hole in your drywall is not the end of the world and this is something that people can do themselves if it's a small Maho yeah they can do it themselves put a metal tape patch over the hole and cover completely with a thin coat of mud and we'll shake this up once dry sand down with a sponge and spray whatever texture you want on the wall one thing you want to make sure is after this dries before you paint it you want to make sure you put a primer coat on it and then paint over it DIY can be a smart money-saving move until you need some rescuing from your renovation are there some projects that you just would not touch yourself oh absolutely most of its electrical because I don't like electricity because it bites the pros say he's right best to leave electrical and plumbing problems to them Sally MacDonald Fox 26 News

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