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here's another project that we had completed about two years ago this opening was actually very awkward obviously there was nothing below there was just a dress or that block the entirety of the window which caused the homeowners to actually consider just closing up window completely and enhancing the closets all the way across but this was the solution that we came up that worked out to be very very effective now the great part about it is this entire unit was completely custom built to the opening there's nothing really store purchase for any of the parts to it for example if you actually look down at the molding everything is tied in completely to the wall and if you actually look below the window the window sill itself is obviously what determined the height of the dresser itself and you can see what we did is we actually tied everything in back cut the molding here and obviously did a nice cocking all the way around and then did this molding which obviously is a cold molding that you can purchase in a store but this is very difficult to do where we were actually able to tie it into the wall and make this additional curve the other thing that we were able to do is flush mount it to the wall right here which works out perfectly and obviously we tied it in at the baseboards to make it look like it's always been there the drawers were obviously custom-built as well all these were routered in the shop to give it that nice grooving and look to it and obviously the drawers were all custom builds as well and we did use full extension glides so the entire thing obviously comes out all the way and if you look at the depth of that that's a great accessory again these are things that you cannot purchase at any store these are all custom-built so again it's just another example of little things that home and office enhancements and how's granny mancom can actually do for you all it is it's a very simple estimate that we can come out we can look at the different areas that you're looking to remodel and can you give you a wide range of options and see will best suit you thank you for your time and please visit husker handyman com right away thank you


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