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– Hi, I play Johnny Lawrence,
the bad-ass awesome hero of the Netflix series Cobra Kai. – Hero's a little misleading. In The Karate Kid I played
a real hero, Daniel LaRusso. – Here's everything you need to know about seasons one and two of Cobra Kai. (upbeat music) Cobra Kai takes place 34 years after Johnny lost the
All Valley Tournament to Daniel because of a cheap shot. – It was legal, but okay. – These days he's a
middle-aged, down on his luck handyman and life sucks way
more than it did in 1984. – I play Johnny estranged son, Robby. They've barely seen each other since Johnny walked out on
him the day he was born.

– But Daniel's life has turned out great. He owns the Valley's top chain of car dealerships with
his beautiful life, Amanda and his two kinda perfect children. – I play Samantha, Daniel's daughter. They used to do karate together but she's got better things to do now. – I play Miguel, Johnny's neighbor. He's a new kid in school
and has a crush on Samantha. – I play Eli AKA Hawk but I don't wanna spoil
my awesome transformation from total loser to a total rock star. – I play Tory, a Cobra Kai student you'll meet in season two. Tory has some anger issues. – And then there's Demetri. The only kid with enough sense to not wanna get punched in the face. At least at first. – Johnny turns these losers
into, well, they're still losers but now they're losers who can kick ass. Johnny's down to his last dollar when he gets fired for some BS.

– You out it on the wrong wall. I said the wall across from the door. – So Johnny grabs a slice to unwind… – And sees his neighbor
Miguel getting picked on by this bully named Kyler
and does what any adult would do in this situation,
kick the crap out of a bunch of teenagers. (shouting and punching) – Obviously he gets arrested for assault and it's downhill from there. – Samantha and her cool new
friends are out cruising and crash into Johnny's Firebird. Totaling it. – [Ralph] The car gets towed
to the LaRusso automotive. Of course Daniel's surprised
to see Johnny again but being the bigger man, he offers to repair his car for free. – He only offers to pay for the repairs so he could be a total dick about it. – Daniel tells Johnny he's
better off without Cobra Kai. And so of course, Johnny reopens the dojo to prove Daniel wrong. – Johnny recruits Miguel, to
be his first and only student. Miguel's just happy to
have found a friend. – Desperate for students and revenue, Johnny goes to the high
school for recruits. – A little sketchy, probably illegal.

– [William] Johnny introduces
Miguel to the Cobra Kai creed: Strike first, strike hard, no mercy. – And convinces him to go to
the dance to meet hot babes. – This costume might look familiar. – At the dance Miguel overhears
Kyler talking about Sam. When he tries to defend her honor, his new karate skills, don't kick in. After the fight Miguel's mom
forbids him from training. – But Johnny begs Miguel's mom, Carmen in the manliest way possible. That kid, is the only person in the world who hasn't given up on me. And I don't wanna give up on him. I know I messed up big time. But if you let him come back, I won't fail him again. I promise. (sad guitar music) – Miguel returns to the dojo, but this time his sensei also teaches him how to protect himself.

– And the best defense… (shouts) (dramatic drumming) is more of it. – Johnny follows his
own advice, gets wasted and vandalizes LaRusso
Automotive billboard in an explicit manner. Mother! – Daniel can't prove who did it but whoever they are,
they're pretty funny. – [Xolo] Miguel follows
Johnny's advice and goes on the offensive against Kyler. – Sam, newly single definitely notices. – [Tanner] Angry at his deadbeat dad for acting like a father
figure to Miguel, Robby decides to get revenge by seeking
out Johnny's worst enemy. – [Woman Interviewer] Welcome
to the LaRusso family. – Daniel decides the best way to deal with Cobra Kai is to bring
back his own Miyagi-Do dojo. – Part of Daniel's plan to achieve balance is to recruit his kids to do karate. And Sam's not into it. – You wanna spar with your old man? – Karate? – You don't have to say
it like it's the flu.

– So Miguel's fight goes
viral and all the nerdy kids head down to Cobra Kai
to train and of course, Johnny makes fun of them. – If you don't want me to call you lip that don't have a weird lip. – Miguel confronts Johnny. – Come on Diaz, they're a bunch of losers. – Yeah, well some of those
losers are my friends. – Causing him to remember
the pain of getting bullied by his stepfather in a
very tasteful flashback. – [Johnny's Stepfather] What? The kid's a social reject. He doesn't have a single friend.

– Instead of apologizing,
Johnny tells his students that life is tough and they
better learn to deal with it. – So Eli comes back with a
tough-as-nails looking Mohawk. – Beginning his transformation
into his final epic form. – Hawk! – Meanwhile, Robby's
doing such a great job at LaRusso Automotive,
he's starting to feel like he's part of the family. He goes over to LaRusso's house, sees Daniel practicing karate and decides he wants to be trained. – Back at the Cobra Kai dojo, Johnny uses some unusual methods
to train his students. – So there's only one solution and that is before you leave this dojo each and every one of
you is gonna take a punch very hard, to the face. Some would say awesome. – Miguel goes on a very successful date with Sam at Golf N' Stuff, Easter egg, just like Daniel
and Allie date in the 80's. Somehow it looks exactly the same. – Like any legit sensei in the Valley, Johnny tries to enter his dojo in the All Valley Karate Tournament.

But Cobra Kai is banned. – Daniel's on the board and
votes to block Cobra Kai from entering, setting up
an epic courtroom drama. – But my Cobra Kai is different. It's a place where kids can
come and feel like they belong. Where they won't get picked on just 'cause they're a bunch of losers, because they're unique. Cobra Kai's making a difference
in these kids' lives. And honestly, they're making
a difference in mine as well. Spoiler alert two. We get in the tournament
by punching the committee right in their feelings. – Speaking of feelings,
Johnny's all up in his when he finds out who
Miguel has his eye on. – You're dating a LaRusso? – He tells him a very biased version of the events in The Karate Kid.

– So I chase him down, try to put a end things that night, right? Turns out the guy's got a
karate master of his own. Guy comes out of nowhere, jumps us, assaults me and my friends. I think my buddy Tommy got brain damage 'cause of that fight. Show me the lie. – Since he hasn't met her family, Miguel heads over to the
LaRusso's to surprise Sam but sees – Robby eating dinner with us. Laughing, having a grand old time. Miguel assumes the worst.

And leaves with a broken heart. – Consider this a message
from Daniel LaRusso. – Daniel's familia does
some breaking of their own after finding out that Johnny vandalized their dealership billboards. Car wrecked, Johnny storms
over to the LaRusso's with ass kicking on his mind. – [Ralph] Fortunately
Daniel's wife diffuses things. Daniel fires his cousin
and gives Johnny a new car. – And then they hang out like
any two normal grown dudes in a decades old karate rivalry.

– Things are looking up for Daniel and Johnny's relationship. Another round. – But then things go south quickly, after Sam gets grounded by her mom for being in the hit and run. – And she misses like a
hundred calls from Miguel. – Meanwhile, all the mean
girls throw a birthday party but the Cobra Kai kids
plan a bad-ass bonfire at the same place. – [Tanner] Robby breaks
Sam out of her prison and they head to the party. – Miguel has too much to
drink and tries to fight Robby but ends up ruining his
relationship with Sam instead. – [William] Johnny drives
Daniel home only to discover that his son has been
learning karate from Daniel. – Hey, hey, hey, Dad back off! – Dad? – [Tanner] And after all that,
Daniel, Mr. Balanced LaRusso ends up firing Robby. – We finally get to the
All Valley championship. It's Cobra Kai versus the
entire Valley, including Robby. Who is competing
unaffiliated without a dojo. – Hawk and Miguel advance to the semi's. – Hawk is qualified for
dislocating Robby's shoulder and then kicking him in the back.

– Ugh. That's the worst
thing about tournaments. They have rules. – Miguel and Sam have an argument. I don't even know who you are anymore. Sam heads home and gets
inspired to practice the karate that her dad taught her. She's still got it. – Robby's all alone. He won't be able to compete. And then Daniel shows up. He don't forget about him. – Daniel commits to being Robby's sensei. He fixes him up with some tricks
he learned from his sensei. – Johnny realizes his teachings have made his students too bad-ass, but he's committed to winning. – The stage is set. It's sensei versus sensei.

Father against son, spiritual son against well actual son. Who do we root for? Who will win? Miguel, Miguel wins, you know, the guy with more extensive training
and lack of serious injuries. – Yeah Miguel is pretty pumped about that but everyone else is full of conflicting emotions, it's weird. – Cobra Kai won, but at what cost? – Let's go Mr.

LaRusso. – You got what you wanted Johnny. You won. Congratulations. Daniel takes Robby to Mr.
Miyagi's old home and reveals that he plans to turn it into a dojo. The only way to defeat
Cobra Kai's hyper aggression is through balance. – Nighttime Johnny's full
of alcohol and regrets at his dojo. What has he brought into the world? When a shadowy figure from
his past emerges, John Kreese.

car dealerships

– End of season one. – Bam, stuck the landing. (upbeat electric guitar music) – Johnny's ex sensei shows up looking to reclaim his place at Cobra Kai, but Johnny and he have
a complicated history. So they kick each other's asses. – Johnny gets the upper hand but Kreese gets in his head with memories of what happened after his
loss at The All Valley. Johnny decides to be the bigger man and tells Kreese to beat it. – Sam blocks Miguel on Instagram which makes him very, very sad. – This is a big deal in high school. – His mom, Carmen doesn't approve of the new quote, darker Miguel. – He had this look on his face. (dramatic music with fighting) – Don't worry, Miguel's a good kid. I won't let him go astray. – Daniel and Robby make
plans to open up Miyagi-Do. – Meanwhile, Johnny's feeling guilty so he lays into his
students for fighting dirty. – From here on out, those are pussy moves and you don't wanna be pussies do ya? – [All Recruits] No sensei. – Strike first, strike
hard, a little mercy? – Yeah, no just doesn't
have the same ring to it.

– [William] Johnny runs into
Daniel and his son Robby at the Home Depot and
tries to make amends. – It doesn't work. – Johnny's bad at feelings, which is probably why he feels sorry for Kreese and lets him rejoin Cobra Kai. – Robby ends up beating
up his mom's new boy toy. – So you have the whole place to yourself. Don't party too hard. – Again, his mom's kind of a mess. – Daniel starts teaching
Sam and Robby about balance, by forcing them to
literally balance together. – It also teaches them about hypothermia. – Johnny's students make fun of him. So naturally he makes them train inside of a cement truck. – You gotta keep moving forward. Or else you can get stuck
exactly where you are. It's like the cement in this truck.

– Again, where are these kids' parents? – Daniel steps in to parent Robby as his surrogate karate
master and father figure, inviting him to live with the LaRusso's. Like a good guy, Daniel heads to Cobra Kai to let Johnny know about his son but finds him with Kreese. – They were so close to being friends. – Johnny needs to learn new skills as a small business owner. Somehow he's made it this far
in life without a computer. – Have you seriously never
owned a computer before? – Yeah, I'm not a nerd. – [Ralph] He sees Daniel's
awesome Miyagi-Do ad and has his students help
him make one for Cobra Kai. – Meanwhile, the chores
required of a Miyagi-Do student become the perfect recruitment
tool for Cobra Kai. – I'm not trying to sell you anything, I'm trying to teach you karate. – Come on, let's go check out
that place with the snake. – [Tanner] Miguel and Hawk
learn that Robby is Johnny's son and confront him.

– So Johnny takes him Miguel out for burgers and opens up about fatherhood. – I failed my kid, on his very first day in this world. And I've been failing him every day since. And I want you to know
no matter what happens, I promise, I'll always be on your side and I'll always have your
best interest at heart. – Cobra Kai crashes a
Miyagi-Do karate demo and shows them up. – Cobra Kai does have the
wow factor going for it. It has fire instead of, you know, chores. Demetri finally joins Cobra
Kai, but he's so annoying that Kreese kinda sorta
commits aggravated assault against a minor. – Then the show really begins
when Tory joins Cobra Kai and on day one, she
volunteers to fight Miguel even though she's new. – She does all right. My name's Miguel. – Tory. (dramatic music with body slam) With a Y. More that all right. – So Demetri tells Hawk about his fight with Kreese and he calls him
a coward, which yeah yes. But still. – Miguel warns Johnny about Kreese but it falls on deaf ears. – Guy's got his issues, but everyone deserves a second chance.

– Robby thinks a viral
video of him winning a fight will recruit students for Miyagi-Do, but he ends up getting in over his head when he gets hit in the head. – [Ralph] Thankfully Daniel appears just in time like Miyagi did for him. The student has become the master. – Hawk sees that Demetri left
Cobra Kai a bad Yelp review and confronts him at the mall. – But just before he's
about to beat him up, Sam and Robby join in. – Demetri has had enough of
Cobra Kai's gang mentality and joins Miyagi-Do. He made the right dojo choice. I wanna learn karate. Even though there's more, fence painting. That's like 1200 square feet. – Actually times two, you
forgot about the other side. – Robby and Sam almost kiss, but decide it's probably
disrespectful to Daniel. – Kreese convinces Hawk
to vandalize Miyagi-Do. – [Ralph] The dojo is destroyed.

Mr. Miyagi's medal of honor is stolen and his classic car is wrecked. Daniel goes to Cobra Kai to confront Johnny and upside? Snags a bunch of his students. – Johnny makes all of Cobra Kai do burpees until someone confesses,
but even though Kreese knows Hawk did it, he
doesn't say anything. – Are there no responsible
adults in The Valley? – One of the goons that tried
to jump Demetri at the mall shows up at Miyagi-Do and that
doesn't sit right with him. But Daniel reminds him that
there are no bad students, only bad teachers. And so they all make up and become one big happy karate family. – Think I'm just gonna let you dis me? – I didn't dis you. It was constructive criticism. Yeah, this only last all of five minutes. – [William] Johnny
travels to San Bernardino to meet up with his old Cobra Kai pals. – You brought back a Cobra Kai? – Yeah, it's not all that's back. But we put all our feelings
aside for an epic bar fight. Sad spoiler, after celebrating
their bar brawl win, their old pal Tommy dies in his sleep, causing Johnny to take stock of his life.

Rob Garrison, the man who played Tommy was a great friend in real life as well. Rest in peace buddy. It was an honor working with you. – During all this tragedy, Kreese is busy remaking
Cobra Kai in his image. Life hasn't exactly been kind to Tory and she falls prey to
Kreese's twisted philosophy. Some people have it good. But the rest of us, we have to fight for every inch of what's ours. – Miguel apologizes to
Kreese and Kreese accepts him as his pupil, which is not good. – Kreese shows up at Miyagi-Do and starts foreshadowing a dojo war. – I'm just here to say thank you. – Thank me for what? – Well, taking our weakest
soldiers from our ranks. That was kind. – Soldiers. They're kids. – We were all kids once. – Okay, that's pretty creepy. – Kreese stakes Cobra Kai out to the woods for good old fashioned game
of karate headband tag. – Miguel sees Hawk with

Miyagi's medal of honor and realizes who vandalized the dojo. – And the truth comes out
during the brawl at the woods. Want the medal so bad, come and take it. – [Xolo] And just when Miguel
thinks he's come out on top – You know the thing about stingrays is, they lie and wait for
the perfect opportunity, to strike! – He really lives up to his nickname. – Johnny's pretty shocked
at how ruthless his students have become under Kreese
and has second thoughts. – Miguel heads over to the LaRusso's to return the medal to Robby? – Who pockets it and plants it at the dojo so Sam doesn't get back with Miguel. – Johnny finally comes to his senses and expels Kreese from Cobra Kai.

Cobra Kai will always be bad-ass, but there's a difference
between no mercy and no honor. And refines his mission statement. This creed on the wall,
will make you strong. It'll make you formidable. Will also make you an asshole. – Sam asked Robby to go out on a date with her at a roller rink. – And Tory asked Miguel
on a date to, wait for it, the same rink, and the theme
that night is 80's night. (Sam squeals and thuds to the ground) – [Robby] Are you okay? – Oops, sorry princess. – It's tense and there's
also some karate on wheels. – All right you're done. You're out. – Miguel helps Johnny set
up his first smartphone and gets set up on a dating appetizer.

– I've told him this so many
times, it's just an app. A dating app sensei. – Which doesn't work,
but you know what does? Beating up his student's mom's boyfriend. And then asking said
student's mom out on a date. – I guess she's old fashioned? – Robby's mom shows back up in his life to try and reconcile. And tells him she's going to rehab, which she really, really needs. – And then there's a big house party with lots of booze and kids
from both karate dojo's. Not a recipe for disaster at all. – Sam kisses Miguel after she finds out he returned the medal of
honor, which would be great if Tory didn't see it happen
and wasn't already dating him.

– Hawk dumps his drink on Demetri. – But he's not gonna let that happen. Not at all. He's still good old Eli. My binary brother. Oh, he was my binary brother. You know what he is now? A real zero. (crowd laughing) – Yeah, Hawk does not like that. – Meanwhile, Johnny and
Carmen run into Daniel and his wife, Amanda at
a Mexican restaurant. – It's mostly civil. – [William] We bury the
hatchet, shake hands. – [Ralph] A pleasant
night all the way around. – Until Johnny gets home. – Hey dad. – [William] Johnny lets Sam
and Robby crash at his place. – [Ralph] Daniel and Amanda
wake up the next morning wondering where Sam is. They figure it out by
snooping through her computer. – What is she doing in Reseda? – [Ralph] Daniel heads
to Johnny's to find Sam. – Daniel and Johnny are always so close to being best friends. – But so far away. – Drama. Sam is in hot water and Daniel forbids her from seeing Robby ever again.

– Don't even start. I gave you a second chance. This whole thing was a mistake. You know, you want to end up
like him, that's up to you. All right come on Sam. – Back at the high school, Tory starts an epic fight with Sam. (dramatic electro sound cut in) – New show idea, karate high school. Make it happen Netflix. I'll play the principal. – Robby tries to intervene,
but it only escalates things. – [Peyton] Tory versus
Robby, Robby versus Miguel. – It's everyone versus everyone. – [Gianni] Teachers, security guards, it's literally karate high school. – [Jacob] Kids punching grownups – Grownups punching kids. It's a whole thing. – Come on guys, can't
we all just get along? (boys shouting and girl screaming) – Miguel shows Robby mercy
and Robby returns the favor by kicking him off a balcony.

(shouting and fighting
with dramatic music) – Miguel! – [Xolo] Things get real dark. – Johnny's student is on death's door. – I never want to see you again. – Worst breakup ever. – And to top it off, all of
Johnny's students leave him for Kreese and blame
him for Miguel's injury. – You can't do this. (dramatic music) – Course I can. I founded Cobra Kai. It belongs to me. – Amanda demands Daniel
close down Miyagi-Do. Rightfully so. I'm sorry. – Johnny hits rock bottom,
throws his super smartphone in the sand, abandons his sweet ride and misses a friend request from his old flame Allie. – [Ralph] End of season two. – We did it man. For real this time, we
hope you loved it too. And this helped you get pumped up for season three of Cobra Kai, this January only on Netflix, check your local listings, if they still have those. – So what'd we learn today? – Strike first, strike hard, no mercy. – Some mercy. – But mostly strike first and strike hard. A little mercy, a little bit. (cymbals crashing together).

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