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I'm going to tell you how maximize the money you earn amazon home service s as provider as you see I currently have 18 posts for it is the busy season because now is Christmas, so they try Overload I provide basic plumbing and electrical services and assembly service s I have done both years since amazon was here in our rural and basically how to get a become amazon home service the provider is you must have the license of whatever you try to do, you must be insured for a million dollars for you know general liability, and you must has at least three to four reviews per task you are trying to do to do this installation of taps you need three or four current reviews within the in the last six months whether it is under review side or Facebook or something but you must have current reviews for the items you are currently doing I am currently one of the highest rated presenters in my place and so I get regular emails about job search opportunities and we'll show you some tips and tricks to be able to do maximize the money you earn so amazon is one of the first things that what you want to do is when you have a by email there are two different types emails you will receive would get an email like this the box that is orange or red I'm kind of color blind, but you have to respond in this box to get this work and usually to get it work that many people do not complain about able to get them, I get a lot jobs like this, but you almost have to respond immediately and then what I suggest is always a follow-up email like a few hours later hey i just wanted to see if this track was still available and you know I would love to take it this work and help you too as if you have any other job please do not hesitate to email them to me because I want to help you out and it will usually get you a lot accept more jobs, so basically you all you have to do is must highlight text for the email you need to highlight the subject and then you have to make a copy and what you do is answer and do you paste it in there and then what you do is when you move and say yes you want to take it and then you say which slot you want so much here are three slots and they are tell what the times are and the time frames, and what you do is you say okay I want a lock and then at the above where you copied what I would say do you know hi it's so-and-so yes me would like to help you, do not hesitate to send me more what I want this time slot, so if for some reason they can not read the box then you can still give them the give the ability to say yes, they want the job they want this time slot all like that to cover you, you know you know what so you know you'm just copying and pasting it and get it done with it now secondary you know the things you just basically have emails to which you respond yes, I want it I'll take the job and it's the time frame I want to take so secondly if you get a job if you set up notifications correctly, you get a email that you got the job you will get an sms that you got the job and you also get a message in the app so when you get a job automatically receive three notifications the one after the other you have that job, so it shows that you so it is very important to be be able to set it up so you know be able to put it in your schedule so that no one else gets that job or you know you are not filling it something else or what you know in another place in your schedule where you the ability to do it here is another kind of email they will give you where they do not provide the box and with this one here you would just say you know yes i want to record it work at this price you offered and I want to take the second lock or I am available for any of the slots you know, feel free to send it for me and I would love to help customer you know, so it's nice simply do not see it as often you usually see them when they are in a hurry but if you get it usually if you respond immediately will get the job because they try to feel it immediately and a little tip or trick I would like to post when I'm going to a client's house say hello it's blah blah you amazon home service technician and I will be there at any time what I would like to do to any kind of to prevent bad reviews or the like they know it's my added text, so I will be there at 9:55 p.m .; so exactly time for your arrival from 8:00 to 11:00 and I want to make sure that the customer knows they have an arrival window we are not supposed to come at a specific time because I got customers frustrated because we arrive within that arrival window, but we did not arrive at 08:00 and they do not understand that it is us supposed to arrive inside that window because we do work all day I always let them know that it's a is arrival window and that I go to the address of and provide the address listed in the mail because if they are in a different way address and they do not have them not updated address, you can go to the going wrong place I've had it a few times already times and so you, you lose the one work because you did not arrive on time or you have to drive around the city to be able to fulfill the job because you went to the wrong place so i always set the time i go come the arrival window and the address I'm going to know from you prevent any headaches or people I think I did not show up on time or I did not go to the right place so much very important, it is something that I added, but it helped me a lot more 5 star reviews is one last thing is able to maximize your money make on amazon home service s is travel costs I first knew about this after about six months of work and which customers house and the article is damaged, missing parts.

is now missing a box with the requirements for to get this travel money, they must buy the article at amazon so they could not have bought it, it's a Walmart and then get the amazon home service service or bought it from any person other retailer like Target or whatever so they have to buy it from amazon for you to qualify but to be able to claim what you need to do is if it is a part is missing if it is damaged did not show up what you need email the customer first and tell the customer I'm sorry I could not do that complete your installation today, I'm gone to your address so-and-so today and when I came to your house, the article was damaged sent from amazon please contact me when the new part come in so I can help you can complete installation and what amazon wants see is one you at the showed up house two you examined the product that it was from amazon and it was either damaged parts were missing or whatever the new safety claim process is easy to maneuver and in your amazon profile you go to the very top three rules next to the a for amazon you click on the three lines you go to you will manage security claims for this your travel expenses and other things and whatever you do is to to submit a new security claim you click on button you placed in the order ID as soon as you see that it is acceptable for a safety claim you are browsing in the reason why I say a travel tax because I came out to the customer home and amazon have the not delivered product, but you can also do it when the product is damaged or is missing pieces from amazon and then you post your description you submit text you should basically let amazon know that you are with the customer arrived location and you got there and there were missing pieces in the product damaged or the product is not still delivered due to a delivery hand out as soon as it's done and you click on the box that says I have completed, I confirm that the above details are true you click on the subject and then click on button that says submit security claim and then you see that there is a subject that say thank you for submitting the claim you can customize the claim status track compliance by managing your claims now the wonderful thing about this is that it take one to two business days as unlike before when we submitted travel expenses that will last 10 to 15 working days usually last about a month to get that travel tax and now, if you just study the order as I showed you and try a to submit travel expenses if it does not say that it is okay for a travel fee then you can call customer service as before and give them all the information you need just post this email and let them know that you are not allowed to do not submit travel money in the app and then they can do the old way that is 10 to 15 working days that are usually approx.


lasts a month which works a lot with amazon you know every one or two pay days drive up two to three travel charges and which will pay you time and gas to even get to the customer house even though you could not fulfill it order and sometimes you go to the home and then they will find out you know I do not want to do it anymore so you get at least that $ 50 even if they cancel the order make a big difference there is likely four or five travel expenses I could claimed when I first started no one taught me about them or told me about them and you know I met someone who was a provider amazon home service and he told me about it later so you know I lost a few hundred dollars going out to people's homes things were broken and things like that and when I was planning amazon home service's person never told me about it, so I just call and say hey I need to get a travel tax I sent to the customer by e-mail what happened, you know, please state it I will please be aware that amazon it's almost every one of their service prices so the fees that they pay us with twenty to thirty percent and they still collect their full twenty percent fee for the capability to send the jobs to us amazon be a super-profitable action to do now it is not so much but currently you know i make pretty good money with it until I find something new I'm glad I was able to share this information with you and if helpful leave a comment so that one more thing that I want to tell you is you want to make sure you track all your miles so I use my IQ too, I think QuickBooks self-employed who do it but it basically basically all your miles and then if you drive, you can say whether it's a business trip or a personal trip and then it sets up your tax deductions for later at the end of the year so that you know how many business miles you have traveled and it is specified to each single drive so you have it comply with IRS requirements so you know it's a great app or you now use my IQ or use QuickBooks self-employed it is very important to track your mileage and it makes it you know easily what you do easily you have no problem with it you

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