Utilitech 7 Day Digital In Wall Timer Part 1of 2

many of us are in a hurry to get off to work early in the morning and we forget to shut lights off that we've left on the back porch or the front porch or we come in late at night and we find that the entire house is dark because we don't have any lights on when we get home and there's a way to resolve this issue so we don't even have to think about a weekend install an automatic timer switch that will turn the lights on off at a time that we determine automatically and I'll show you the timer switch that I have used you you okay guys this is the timer I'm going to put in I've used this timer not this particular one but this style on several other houses and these things work great I've had one installed for over two years in one house and another install for over a year in another house and I've never had a problem with these okay and these are I'm going to show you a quick look at the unit itself sorry about the lighting cheese another photographer here but if I can get that focused out there you go it's made by unit tech let me open that up and there's little buttons for programming it alright and it's made by unit tech and it is a model number on their carton it says will 0 1 4 1 2 2 4 that's 0 1 4 1 2 2 4 they run about 20 bucks okay and basically I give you a little wiring diagram here and basically you take the green and you hook it up to your ground you take your white you hook it up to your neutral bundle inside your electrical box for your switches at you take your black you hook it up to the hot and then you take your red and you hook that up to the black wire which comes from your light to your light switch ok I'm going to zoom this out for a second here and so there you go that's it it's real simple to install again you guys if you're not comfortable working electrical then I suggest you might want to get an electrician these units cost about 20 bucks ok when you get the package here's what it looks like in the store let me get you a better view of it alright as you can see I took it out of the box already alright it comes with all the instructions in everything that you're going to need tells you how to program it and everything and like I said I'm very happy with these I have used these for a couple of years at a couple of different properties so let's let's go ahead and proceed with the diversion to start off what we need to do is here is the switch that controls the outside light obviously you can see we've got several other switches here so the first thing we want to do is shut off the power to this circuit a couple of ways to do that first of all I'm going to leave the switch on verify that the light is on outside and then go downstairs and find the control circuit breaker that controls this circuit all right and once that's done I'm going to remove the cover plate with all these screws take all these out and then I've got a little device here that checks to make sure there's no power in there you can buy these at your local box stores this just happens to be one brand I've had a couple of different brands it's just happen to be one that I picked up while I was at the Orange Box store so basically what you got to do turn that on and I'll show you how to use it and you just run that across your wires if this thing starts beeping in flash and red you know you've got power still in there so let's go ahead and see if we can shut down that breaker all right I just want to verify that we do not have the light switch energized I shut off the breaker downstairs I just want to verify that that switch is actually a de-energized and the first thing I do is look at the light the light is out the next thing I'm going to do is I'm going to remove these cover this cover plate and I'm going to take my handy little voltage detector and make sure our current detector and make sure that we don't have any power inside this box that houses all four these switches I don't want to rub up against something and get shocked so we're going to go ahead and remove the cover plate and go from there okay as you can see we have removed the wallplate cover plate here and I'm going to take my little handy tool and confirm that we have no power on inside the switch box just to make sure now I sometimes you get a little bit of a click but you just go back to it and verify it and you'll see that we don't have any red flashing and we don't have any beeping so I'm assuming that we're going to be ok with no power there so at this point what I'm going to do is remove this switch right here and install our new our wall timer ok so once I get this out and removed I'll show you the wiring we'll go the switch out of the wall again verify you don't have any power through here as you can see this usually is the hot this line a black line going out of the switch goes to your light fixture outside and then here we have a grounding wire so we're going to disconnect these guys then I'm going to turn power back on and just verify that this in fact is the hot wire sometimes an electrician might wire reverse but I want to make sure I hit the correct hot wire coming from the panel in order to get my new wall timer to work properly you'll see that in the instructions so I'm going to go ahead and remove this switch it's real easy all you got to do is a couple of screws here pull those off remove the grounding screw you're good to go and I'm gonna go ahead and take this off and we're going to test that to make sure that is in fact the hot wire all right I have gone down to the basement turn that circuit breaker back on at this point I want to verify which of these two blacks is the hot wire coming in to feed the light and we got our handy tool and normally it would be this guy but we're not getting any acts we are getting action down here so what's happening is this is your Hotwire coming into this switch so we need to keep that in mind remember these are hot don't don't let them touch anything or touch you it's 120 volts so at this point I'm going to run back downstairs shut the breaker off and I'm going to mark this so that I know that that is the black wire that's the hot that's going to be feeding my new wall switch or wall timer okay here we go you


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