#Jonsered Z52XF Series Zero Turn Mowers: By John Young of the Weekend Handyman

this is John Young with weekend handyman we are at the gie show here in Louisville Kentucky looking at some of the new products and right now we're over at the John's art booth and we're looking at the XF series of zero-turn I've got Shawn here from John's read Shawn this is a big boy and yeah it's gonna cover a lot of ground you got to tell us more about this hey John thanks for coming by absolutely it's a big boy this is this is one of our best selling zero turns to date it's it's it's built on a 2 inch by 3 inch welded steel chassis a tube style chassis and it's it's got a it's got a good size big tires fast a thing does eight and a half miles an hour these products either have a 52 inch or a 61 inch fabricated cutting deck so they're built for the long haul the the XF series also has cast iron spindles so you know we hit and stumps and things like that you're gonna have a lot less said likelihood of breakage on your spindle assemblies and we get to talk about tube style chassis it's one of the big advantages compared to a stamped chassis is you have accessibility so if you need to get at the top of your cutting deck for servicing it's really one boy and there you are so you got an exit accessibility to clean and to grease your reserves I'm a serviceability side John is very simple guys like to get in there and clean the product maintain their product but they want it to be a chore we take serviceability very serious and as you can see that's about as clean as you get from an execution you got accessibility to your battery to your that your reservoir for your hydro system you can clean around your fans get at your adjustments if you need to so it's very very clean and sex-abuse nice now the big thing of John tread brand is that we want to go with premium engine so in the case of the XF series we're using kohler confidant engines these are an amazing product 747 CCS loads of torque and this particular product as well as being a very long-lived engine it's also got a cyclonic air filtration this is one of its reasons for extended life what this means cyclonic air filtration is all the dirt and debris that gets into this air filter system gets spun off and thrown away long before it ever gets to this paper element so you can have several hundred hours before this element ever even gets dirty with that cyclonic filtration so it's a very impressive setup very clean and execution very simple to service as you can see so between great engines bulletproof chassis high speed transmissions fabricated cutting decks this gets a lot of work done in a short period of time that's going to do it for many many years great if you'd like to find out more information where can they go welcome Jon swear dealers have spread across the country of course but certainly go to John Stehr red.com to see more information great thanks John we're welcome this is John Young with the weekend handyman you


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