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my name is Joseph Curtis I'm the general manager for handyman of America today what we're going to be showing you is sanding for sanding force that is sanding it properly with a dust free system your residence or your place of business and then what we do after that is after we sand it we coat it in whatever color you want or if you like natural we can do that for you and then we put several coats of polyurethane capitalized varnish for you depending on how you want it we can put two coats or three coats or however or however many coaches like but between two entry is sufficient and here we're showing you a system that collects the dust so what you have is a place that's totally dust free and it's a coil of hostess that takes care of several rooms at the same time and here we're performing sanding of the stairs and this one is a bedroom that's somewhat varnished but it's contaminated the floors is full of paint spills and and and what-have-you and so we're going to do all of these and transform it into something that's very very nice and this is the machine that filters to dust special type of machine sir that docile we do the to rip the package system you would a dust-free environment again we provide you with quality dust-free standing at an affordable price


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