How to File a DBA in Utah – 2 Steps to Register a Utah DBA

– A DBA, or Doing Business As, is essentially a nickname
for your company. In Utah, a DBA is also called a Business Name or an Assumed Name. DBAs are a great way to
rebrand your company name, to add new brands to your company, or to change your company name completely. For sole proprietors and partnerships, DBAs offer the ability to operate under a name that isn't the
business owner's surname. For more information on the specifics of what a DBA is and how it can be used, check out our other video linked below.

In this video, we will go over
the steps you need to take in order to form a DBA in Utah. (piano music) There are two ways to form a
DBA: you can do it yourself, or you can hire a
service to do it for you. Let's take a look at both
options and help you decide how to go about forming your own DBA. One, do it yourself. If you want to save money, you
can form a DBA on your own. Let's take a look at the steps to forming a DBA in Utah on your own. One: complete name searches. When determining what you
want your DBA name to be, you'll want to make sure you follow Utah naming requirements.

For more details, check out our video, How to Name Your Business in Utah, or our naming guides linked below. Next, you'll want to make sure the name is available in Utah. The first and most important search is with Utah's Business Search website. If the name is not available, you'll have to adjust your
name or use a different one. We provide instructions to
search your business name in Utah on, linked below. Searching is free. To learn more, visit Utah Naming Guides, linked in the description below. After confirming your
name is available in Utah, we recommend doing a domain search to see if your name is available as a URL. Even if you don't plan on
making a website today, we recommend buying your domain in order to prevent
others from acquiring it. Two: register your DBA. After you've chosen an available name, you'll want to register your DBA.


For all business structures in Utah, you register your DBA with
the Department of Commerce. You can file online at Utah's Department of Commerce website, or you can complete the
DBA application form and file it by mail, fax, or in person. The application will ask
for your new DBA name and information about
your business such as the business' purpose, the registered agent's name and address, the owner's name and address, and the owner's entity number
if a registered business. Utah provides instructions
for the form linked below. Filing fees vary, so check
out our pages linked below for more detailed information. And with that, you'll have a DBA in Utah. Keep in mind that your Utah DBA needs to be renewed every three years. You can either renew online, or complete the Business Name Renewal Form and submit it by mail. Option two. The second way to form a DBA is to hire a professional service to create your DBA for you. Hiring a professional service to file your forms and do name searches will cost you an additional $50-150.

However, there are several
benefits to working with a pro. A hired professional
files your DBA for you, keeps you up to date with renewals, and assists with publications. DBAs, or Doing Business As, are also known as Trade Names, Assumed Names, or Fictitious Names of a business. Informal business structures like sole proprietorships and partnerships can use DBAs as their business name instead of their surnames. Formal business structures
like LLCs and corporations can use DBAs as a means
to rebrand their name, add new brands, or change the name they are using as their business name. DBAs are not a business structure, and are not separate legal entities. They also do not provide asset protection or liability protection to
informal business structures. For state-specific guides
on how to form a DBA, check out the pages linked below, and for a more detailed guide,

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