Mr. Handyman Services on A Supermodel Stole My Husband

From lazy bums to horrible dressers
to awful cooks, we all need a little husband help once in a while. Find out what happens when you send
in a supermodel to fix the problem. Hi, I'm Terry, and I've been married
to my husband, John, for eight years. And we've been living in this house
for about eight years as well. And I have, since we've moved
in, been begging my husband to do some things around the house.

Can you come in and help John
fix this house that is so desperately in need of help? So what are some of the things
that you would like him to do? We have an electrical socket in the
dining room that's a child safety issue. One of these days, our son is
going to electrocute himself. Another thing is my sink upstairs has
been stopped up forever, probably years. And I ask him to do it. He goes, "Well, I'll get to it. I'll get to it. I'll get to it this weekend." What we're going to do today is
try and get, prod him along with that and see what we can get done. Well, more power to you if
you can get him to do it. Hi, how are you? I'm hoping that the list that Terry gave
us, that we get most of it done today.

I mean, the thing is, you never know
what kind of problems you'll come across when you start unpeeling these layers. It's not like the first time that
I might've thought about Rachel Hunter being at my door when the bell
rings, but, you never really actually think that that's going to happen. So John, this is Leon. He's going to be helping us today. Our lovely handyman. Okay. So to explain this, socket situation. Leon, this is, I think, probably original
to the house, 'cause I did replace one of them and it had cloth wiring. It looked pretty gnarly. Okay. And this one kind of scared
me because if you look at it, it's recessed back in there. It looks a little too intense for me. Well, sorry. So you want the middle part
of the fence gone, right? It's dated.

My wife says it's Addam's Family. That's how she describes it. Not many nights go by where I don't go
outside and I look at that fence over the last eight years and go, "One of these
days, one of these days you're gone." Issue number one in the bathroom
with Terry is her sink and, I've plunged it a few times. We actually had the trap replaced in the
other one and it's been working fine. I suspect maybe… The old one, you had it replaced? Yes. 90% of the time when you're dealing with
a slow running sink, it's the stopper. And, what it does is, it usually collects,
whatever goes down the drain, and, what it usually holds onto his hair. Ooh. It's not very smooth. Okay. It's probably weighted. Yes. Yeah. Whoa, hey! Clearly, we're in yours and Terry's's
closet, and I'm looking at some shelves that are down right now.


Have they been hanging
around for some time? They have been around in this
position for quite some time. I actually thought that the closet shelf
had been put there by us as a prop. And it was like, this is hilarious. Like, you know, okay guys, like we set
this up, but the humor kind of died down and it was actually a real situation. Okay. So we need to get this done and then
we need to get the socket done and then we need to get the fencing done. Excellent. Let's get work. Okay, so Terry's coming home. So let's go in and get
ready for her arrival. Thanks again so much. What have you guys been up to? We just got done, but we want to show
you all this stuff that John did today. I can't wait to see it. Our electrocution outlet is gone! Finn is finally safe. Thank you. So your shelf is up. Are you excited? I'm so happy.

We've had these shelves, well
they were up, they fell down. They've been down for about three years. What's going up here? My new boots! We found eight years of
hair and facial products. I think, I think it actually
cawed when we pulled it out. This is absolutely amazing. This is exactly what I've been
asking him to do since the day we moved into this house. And that was how long ago? Eight years ago. Oh my God. Honestly. You're always looking for some kind of
approval from your spouse, so for her to come home and say, "Great job," you know? It's one of those moments that makes you
wonder why you put it off so long anyway. You could definitely see by Terry's
reaction, how much that makes her feel all warm and cushy inside towards you. And isn't it better to get that reaction
from a woman than somebody who nags? So if I was a guy, I
know what I'd be doing.

Rachel, thank you so much. You did what I couldn't clearly
do for the last eight years. Thank you so much for helping with
the house, helping move my husband and making us a happy family. Thanks, Rachel..

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