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we looked at apartments, we looked at
different housing areas condos and so forth somewhere where you didn't have any outside
maintenance, but this is the only thing we saw with no maintenance. No inside, no outside. One of the advantages of being here is you
don't have to pay for shoveling snow cutting the lawn, fixing up the outside of the facilites. it's all included. Especially when our house was getting to be almost 50 years old there was always something that needed to be
repaired to keep it up and it's just
nice not to have to worry about that. now it's great fun we sit in our third floor home and watch other people do it (landscaping). It's much more fun.

affordable handyman

We could walk away from our home and come to our winter home in Arizona and not worry one thing about anything, its all taken care of. When your in a house, or in a condo you always have
something going wrong that you have to do maintenance on. Whether it's changing a light fixture putting in a fan or the switch goes out
in your switches. you don't have
to worry about that here you just call down to our housing manager she'll write up a work order and its done
very shortly

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