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this is going to be a review and walkthrough of how I have my tool trailer set up say six by twelve vinos single axle this trailers gone through a few different arrangements since I've had it up here you can see it's got a sink the faucet used to have water water jug deep cell battery set up there I also used to have a propane tank on the front on the tongue and I had a an RV refrigerator right in this area that was the the intake and then back up here you can see where the exhaust was now the reason I took all this out is to make room for more tools got different things up here Sanders routers this is where I keep all my cordless drills and saws down here it's a little more miscellaneous storage another router and my porta potti we've got jack stands sockets and open end wrenches back here is money miter saw stand nail guns up here I've got some up here miscellaneous cubby holes that's where I keep my tool belt take you across the top first I have this pegboard installed it looks good at when the pegs stay on there well driving this down the road a lot of times these things get bouncy hit a pothole and I'll open the door and all this stuff will be laying down here so I got to figure out a way to make sure that these things stay put come up with my best arrangement maybe shoot this a staple at the bottom post of these things here from bouncing around got my six-foot stepladder mounted to the ceiling got four sawhorses Radio over here we've got a table saw and then a shot back and a small pancake air compressor now down below I've got a lot of random stuff everything from taking money yes I use these blue poles here these extendable blue poles to hold up top walls like plastic walls to control dust looking for that there's shovels post hole digger digging bar hope along with some plumbing this side over here I have a just a tool bag with a whole bunch of hand tools in it up top here kind of where I keep a lot of my all my liquids everything from a t-coil lacquer thinner anything it's in a can or a bottle moving over here on the back shelf is where I keep all my fasteners lots of different screws different containers carpet kicker I order these things by like a hundred yours don't have the tool that takes this you should look into getting one back up in here where I kind of have my random junk screw drawer got sort of screws in this thing just random stuff here so wherever I have extra screws or I don't really have a spot for it doing a job and I have a unique situation where I need to find a certain screw or come up with a weird bracket or the hinge or gigantic cement anchor I got two other cubby holes up here this one is mostly for cleaning supplies you see things kind of get bounced around different scrubbing pads carpet cleaner rental purpose cleaner floor cleaner you've got some sunscreen the next cubby hole holds all my pecs plumbing tools some bands more bands crimping tool I've got this big thing this is half-inch copper fittings hex fittings these are three quarter inch hex fittings fittings to go from copper to PEX a half-inch and you got more more copper so below this shelf is where I keep my my miter saw I wall texture gun there fan another interesting feature that I built into this trailer is that they're spaced up behind here and behind the toolbox so I can slide a 4×8 sheet of plywood or a four by eight sheet of drywall in there it allows me to get full sheets that I'm not going to be using on a regular basis if I'm loading the trailer up for a job I'll just uh just load them right in through here next like my tool chest that I have set up for mostly carpentry tools not like a mechanic's tool set it's a lot of different random things from chisels a bunch of blades masonry chisel going down this side I've got a whole bunch of random plumbing parts and different tools for plumbing these little things here for splicing into drip lines landscaping drip lines more plumbing fittings different things of flux we've got gas tape we've got tape for water next drawer is electrical just assortment of different plug switches boxes face plates different hangers and down here is kind of a miscellaneous door it's still mostly electrical so I keep a lot of my romex there's some tile spacers in here fish tape I'm just going to an overflow breaker going down this set of drawers over here a lot more more random stuff probably could get more organized got a hole drill bit set is dug finders different squares again got a soldering gun in this one zip ties staple gun random beat up chisel this is where I keep all my Allen wrenches next one is the dremel tool got a moisture meter or testing the moisture of different wood more drill bits other attachments for that tool while talking about this is they're all my tile trials and floats go sometimes they don't always fit and this one is kind of paint and drywall but a bunch of different sandpaper sanding blocks masking thing different paint rollers this cuts holes for remodel recessed lighting the future upgrades I'd like to make to the trailer is reinstalling another deep cell battery so that mine my lights work I've got this light here and I also have some LED lights underneath that front cabinet there I'd also like to add solar power and a charging station with a power inverter I'm thinking about mounting it the turtle station up on this front wall somewhere along here so that all my batteries are always charged I want to get maybe two dual Chargers get them mounted up here and I also have the power inverter up here so that I always have available batteries I also have a cordless Dustbuster that needs to be charged if you have any questions about any of the tools that you see in the trailer or how I have it set up or why I have things a certain way please comment in the section below if you'd like to see more videos like this subscribe

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