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What initially attracted me
to apply for a job with Mr. Handyman was, I was looking for a career. I was looking for something
that had longevity and security. Mr. Handyman provides a van. I don't have to worry about
fuel costs, maintenance costs. I can take the van home
and go straight to work. When I go into a person's house
and I get the job done, sometimes they might want more work later on. And so I'll be able to do another job
that they would like to have done. The best part about working for Mr. Handyman is I'm able to make
a great living and I'm able to do what I like to do. What I enjoy doing. I get to do a variety of services.

I do drywall. I do ceramic tile. I do a little bit of everything. The most rewarding part
about working for Mr. Handyman definitely has
to be the customers. I go into their homes, performing a task
that they can't do, doing it to the best of your ability, having them appreciate
what you've done and then having them call and ask for you to come back.

career as a handyman

That's extremely rewarding..

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