How to Fix a Clogged Dispenser in a Front Load Washer Video: Troubleshooting from Sears PartsDirect

make sure that the correct amount of detergents or additives are being used and in the appropriate compartment liquid chlorine bleach should only be used in the bleach dispenser if powdered color safe bleach was used in the bleach compartment it won't dispense and will become clogged add powdered or liquid color safe bleach to the main wash compartment if liquid detergent is being used make sure that the main wash compartment separator is installed correctly don't mix liquid and powdered products in the same compartment remove the dispenser drawer carefully and clean we install and test note if the dispenser compartment with liquid bleach is clogged take special care in removing the drawer a small amount of water left in the dispenser is normal take note that bleach will not be dispensed in some cycles such as hand wash or silks delicates on some washers if the dispenser is still leaking or not dispensing a service call may be required to find the right part for this and other do-it-yourself repairs visit sears PartsDirect comm or call sears PartsDirect toll-free at you.


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