#JonseredUSA Z Series Zero Turn Mowers: by John Young of the Weekend Handyman

this is John Junger the weekend handyman we are at the gie show here in Louisville Kentucky we're canceling the new cool things on the show floor and we are over at the John's booth right now and I've got Shawn from John Jude we're looking at the Z series of zero turn this is pretty sweet you got to tell us more thanks John I really appreciate you coming by and letting us show you the new Z series of John's red zero turn mowers come on over and have a look we're gonna have four different variations of the John's red this year and in the in the Z series we're gonna have a couple fabricated decks and a couple stamp decks so you're gonna have a option of 46 or 54 stamp 42 and 48 fabricated one thing that they all share several things they all share we go with a tube style chassis it's been in our lineup for quite a number of years been foolproof it's a great chassis and has some real distinct advantages first and foremost when you go to a tube style chassis instead of a lesser expensive stamp chassis you have capacity to do your own service and I know John that's important to you oh for sure being able to get the top side of that cutting deck and blow all the grass so get at your spindles for cleaning them and greasing this is a big deal all Porsche now you know that the cutting decks can get pretty heavy especially when you get into a fabricated deck here you might be 250 pounds raising and lowering that cutting deck takes some effort we try to take that effort out of there by doing things like spring assist so you can see a particularly a strong guy but you can see how easy that is to raise and lower that cutting deck that's a 54 inch cutting deck so it's really important for a customer be able to have something that's easy to to execute when they're cutting their grass always try and keep the serviceability and functionality as he points lifting the seat gives you great access to your battery to all your controls if you need to get in there clean things out or do any service or maintenance that type of thing one of the big things we want to portray when we're talking about jobs for a brand is we really go for that for the high-end engine if you want to make sure that you've got the great engine on there and something that's gonna last through the holes a long haul this particular case on the Z series we're gonna have commercial turf from Briggs & Stratton which is a tried-and-true bulletproof commercial duty engine has such features as oil coolers big displacement this is a 724 CC and also have cyclonic air filtration which is a really big deal when you get into the dry months and you got lots of grass and things flying around as that stuff gets into your engine you want to make sure it doesn't get to your air filter this system is a five step cleaning process so long before the dirt ever gets to this air filter most of it has already been thrown away I've seen people with a five hundred hours on these engines that have yet to replace this air filter because the dirt never gets here it's spun off and and discharged before it ever gets to this filter but if it does need to ever be replaced it is certainly a simple procedure so all in all has said durable product easy to service easy to maintain and and you're gonna get a long life out of it Wow great stuff if you would like to find out more information about this where could they go we will certainly have dealers all across the country or go to www.ncpc.org/getreal

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