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We're doing this all month. Last week, it was the
eggtastic microwave cooker. Taisha even conned Leslie
Rubin into trying it out. Today, it's the Flex
Seal rubberized coater. And Eyewitness News reporter
Taisha Walker, buys it and tries it again this week. She joins us live in the studio
to tell us about this latest product that she's put to the test. Taisha. Whitney, chances are you've
seen the infomercial on TV. They replaced the bottom of the boat
with a screen, spray it with the Flex Seal, and then it magically
floats on water without a leak. So I had Mr. Handyman himself help me
put this can to the test. Flex Seal brands itself as the one-can
solution to all your leaky problems. The rubberized coating spray claims
to seal, protect and stop leaks fast. Greg Paxton, who's also known
around Charleston as Mr. Handyman, helps us put
the Flex Seal to the test. I'm inclined to test it to see if
it may be a good tool for the Mr. Handyman toolbox. We used eight items featured in
the popular infomercial or listed on the can for our experiment.

From a sink drainer to
an awning for a roof. Third home was perfect. We started by drilling several holes and
then spraying the Flex Seal in layers before leaving it to dry overnight. On the second day, no leaks. It passed that test. Well, not so fast. Let's see how it did on the other objects. Oh, we got a little leak.

Electronic Equipment & Parts (NEC)

It's sinking. I don't think that one passed. I'm glad I'm not in that boat. It didn't work on the hose,
downspout, gutter or awning. You can see the water
exiting on the other side. If it were attached to your roof,
you might have a bit of a leak. We don't want small home maintenance and
repair items to turn into larger problems. And Flex Seal is just
camouflaging the problem. The Flex Seal only worked on
two out of the eight items. Mr. Handyman says it's not a product
you'll find in his toolbox. He says cutting corners might
be more costly in the end. Once you do decide to do a professional
repair, then I have to come in and replace everything because I cannot clean the
Flex Seal product off of what you had. Mr. Handyman does not recommend
you buy the Flex Seal.

For starters, it was messy. It only comes off with
acetone or paint thinner. And since it only works on two out of
the eight products that we tested, it might cost you more, in the end, to
have a professional do the job properly. In the studio, Taisha
Walker, Eyewitness News..

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