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Good morning friend. Welcome to a super-awesome WLOG today I am really excited about today's job because we are doing two different projects today one We are working on a rental home and then we're going over and working for the same client but for his own personal home And I wanted to give you guys an in-depth look into my handyman business today because I had a lot of questions about Estimating and invoicing and scheduling and how I kind of keep track of all that as a handyman So in today's will log that's gonna be kind of the highlighted thing We're gonna be talking about today is how I schedule and how I estimate invoice, but we're gonna be getting to the jobs today So what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna show you guys kind of what I do first off everyday So what I what I've been using is this app called market you guys may have heard of it It's it's pretty cool. I used to use Joyce for my estimating software. But now I use market It is way better because it's a it's what they call a CRM, which is a customer relations management system And so first off what we what we're gonna do every day is open up the scheduling platform of the market app And then we just go into today's and actually it's pretty cool.

You can create work orders and Just separate separate projects or jobs so This work or this first work order I have is actually it links up to an estimate that I created and I will blur out All this guy's information here So you should be seeing it blurred out But it kind of tells you exactly what the price is how much you're making that day And also what kind of materials you need for that job? Another thing that I really like about this is up here in the right hand corner It has a rival so you can click that and you can tell it'll text the customer and say hey, I'm thirty minutes out I'm ten minutes out.

I'm whatever and then you click start and it creates it starts like a stopwatch or a Time log for that for that job and you could click complete and it automatically sends the invoice but anyways we are going to get started on this job here and We're gonna get going to this guy's house and we're gonna get going to it. So let's do it All right We're gonna get heading to this guy's house real quick and we are going to use this market To record our miles and it's pretty cool. You can you can record miles either through a distance odometer or start your GPS So I'm just going to start the GPS up and it's just going to start tracking my miles as we go to that guy's house So let's get to it first job of the day is we are replacing a p-trap running from a washing machine So I'm pretty excited about that. It's going pretty sweet gonna do some ABS work.

So let's get today's job. All right Here's the drain for the washer. It actually goes down here and if you guys could see it there's a p-trap there and that p-trap Actually has a hole in it on This side. I don't know if you could see that or not, but we're gonna take that off and replace it with some ABS There's our hole in it right there All right, I'm on hold here if you guys didn't notice that's actually not ABS pipe coming out of the wall That is actually galvanized pipe so we cannot go back with the ABS like planned. So I'm trying to call around and Change up some plans that what they had on there is super old So I don't think we're gonna be able to find that But we are gonna try and maybe mix and match some stuff and make it work So I think we're gonna have to run to the store here But we're gonna we're on hold with the plumbing company and see what see what they got Okay, this hasn't gone exactly according to plan But if you didn't see earlier This is the the pipe that I took out and see this is actually where it is broken there You could see just a break in the pipe just rusted out I was actually talking to a plumber and he said yeah these things are from old school and they're really like a 6-year type thing You know, they're meant to last forever.

It's actually even broken around this flange here So you can't find these anymore apparently, maybe if you guys know where I could find them. I would love to hear it But this is what I am going to do This is my plan anyways so I got a nest wrap that is designed like this and this will basically take the place of this here and Screw into the galvanized pipe right there, and then I'm planning on reversing this sticking this in there and using this as my riser and cutting this off somewhere around right here, and that's where my washer Drain will go into is up here.

So that's my plan. We're gonna see how it works. I'm not exactly sure how to work It's one of those things like in theory it should work. But let's go test it out All right, that p-trap went on there so now we're just gonna need to cut this to make our riser out of it Okay, this is what we had or this is what we have not exactly what I Wanted when I first thought of this but it basically looks like it used to now so we got a plastic p-trap down there which again isn't exactly how I wanted it to be but I wanted to go with ABS, but this is how Unfortunately had to go with this short of redoing all that plumbing That galvanized plumbing.

We had to go it this way because it's the way they wanted to go, but it's gonna work So now let's put the washer in test fit Okay, the hot water supply line is leaking so we're gonna need to replace that But I am running it with cold water only because I want to see a drain To see if that drain works before I head to the store But we're gonna get this going see it drains and then we're gonna go to the store grab this Grab this dishwasher line here.

I mean this washing machine line Okay, we got it to drain We're good to go. Now. Let's go get this line. All right, we got that drain working that drain works great Just got to run back to Home Depot now and grab some washer lines I guess the renter has to pay for the washer lines cuz those are his that's what he said He says I want to handle them cuz they were ours like they came with the washer and all that so got a run on bball grab those and come back put those in but we are the majority the way they're Just going back to Home Depot. Sometimes is this how jobs go? Okay, we are all done with that job here so we're gonna open up our market app and Currently it says we're still going on it So we're gonna go ahead and click complete and it's going to notify the customer about it So it's going to send him a text message saying that we are completed with this house.


That is rental we are going to send that there and There it says we are just a little bit over two hours there so now we're going to go over to our next one on our schedule, which is the one at his home and Same thing as before. It's got an estimate just like before And we are going to go ahead and tell him that we are heading his way right now so That'll that'll give him a clue that we are on it on our way It'll text him from right there and we'll get over there and then we'll click started on This on this work order and we'll get going so pretty excited about this next job Oh, yeah, this all the labor on this job was 180 for labor.

And then that guy gave me 40 bucks which included the The washer hoses and everything So plus a little bit of markup on the parts that were on there originally So we're going over this guy's house. Now the owner of this rental he has He has four Water supply valves that need to be replaced and the lines there as well and then we're gonna replace his kitchen faucet So let's get over there and let's get to it Looks like these valves are not wanting to turn off so I'm gonna turn off the houses or the water to the house All right, we are all done here at this house it turned out great Those valves were kind of interesting If you look back at the the last valves that I just replaced on that right sink you guys might have missed it But the the copper ferrule nut just just came right off Like I've never had that happen on a piece of half-inch copper pipe like just came right off I was able to slip the new one on like it wasn't even compressed on there But it wasn't leaking before so it was super weird But and then on the other sink the left sink ever since they bought the house the the hot water Was on the left and the cold water was on the right So I just swapped them because that is incorrect and they're like, yeah, if you could fix that, that'd be great so so what I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna open up my market app and I'm gonna open up each estimate and I am going to go ahead and Convert those estimates to an invoice and then I will be able to send those to him right now Which I'm going to send those real quick all right got my estimates converted invoices sent those so I'm going to go ahead and click complete it now on the On the schedule here and it will send him a text saying I'm all done so that works great He's actually not here right now.

So that'll work. Perfect And so total for this job's just some of the logistics Let's see here. Oh, let me pull that up real quick So I wanted to talk for a quick a little bit more about this app market Give you guys a little bit more insight. It is real easy to create invoices and estimates The whole estimate platform is right here and super easy once you get all your numbers down like your your price for materials your markup your labor and all that you can literally create a Estimate in like two minutes in and converting it to an invoice is so simple I really like this like I mentioned before that I use joist before for my estimating and invoicing now understand this is a Completely different platform.

This is a CRM way more than Joyce can ever do so I really like it because it totally Controls everything every aspect of my schedule It has all my customers in it so I can actually go in here and add new customers I can import customers from my cell phone contacts into this and actually when you sign up for a year membership They actually do that for free they go through and they import all your contacts in your in your clients list into the market app, which is pretty cool because Once you go into a specific customer, it'll have all their information that you ever need for them All the estimates that you've ever done for them at any time their address how many times you call them? how many times you've texted them like it's just so simple and so some of the logistics about this market app is like I said before I am definitely signing up for the year contract here and Just in case you guys are wondering this is available for Android and iPhone.

The price is 2495 per month which is actually fairly cheap for a CRM and you got to remember this is a CRM That's why it costs you know per month because it does way more than just estimating an invoicing and it's well worth it if you guys Still want a discount from there? You can pay for it annually, which comes to two hundred twenty seven dollars and forty cents Which equals eighteen dollars and ninety nine ninety five cents per month. So that is a pretty good discount It's like a six dollar discount per month if you sign up for yearly so the logistics of this job here I was here for a total of three hours and on the in or on the invoice it was replacing four of those water supply valves were $60 each And the materials 107 replaced kitchen faucet was a hundred bucks. So Total labor for this job was was three hundred and forty dollars Obviously and then plus some markup in profit for materials. So a pretty good job pretty good day So that pretty much sums it up for my day I just wanted to show you guys a little bit more about that market app.

I absolutely love it I've been using it for quite a while now. I love the scheduling platform of it Hopefully that gives you guys a little glimpse into my business and how I run it Anyways, I got a run we are heading off to a foster care meeting tonight So I appreciate each and every one of you and everyone who leaves me a comment I really love reading your comments and Just like this video subscribe to this channel and we'll see you all on the next vlog.

You'll have a great one.

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