Patnaik by a handyman services Ram was watching TV on a Sunday morning when an advertorial of his favorite movie diwali duel jana lako agonda flashed to tell that it will be aired at Ted am suddenly his wife entered and hand him a list of jobs like that of an electrician carpenter Foreman washing machine repair and grocery he called up the electrician but he replied that he was not available Graham went to the grocery store and was frustrated to not find any of his friends there he called his friend Shyam who said that he was watching the movie ram was surprised and asked whether he did not have any house worked out sunday Shyam replied yeah but I am a registered customer with potnik vaina handyman services Shyam explained that he just needed to give a call at 9 55 60 9 55 99 for any housework like carpeting AC or refrigerator repair plumbing errands and they will reach him within two hours Ram called and pumped to service the work started in two hours and was over as he finished watching the movie revving his wife were happy as they could now spend their Sunday together Patnaik buying a handyman service the first and only professional handyman service provider in the silk city one-stop solution for services of electrician plumber or bender painter AC and ref mechanic appliance mechanic and grocery help just call 9 55 60 9 55 99 or download the app from Google Play Store handyman berhampur


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