Stop Using Cheap Drywall Anchors | No Drill Needed

The vast majority of items that need to be mounted to a wall or ceiling come with standard drywall anchors. The problem is that these drywall anchors are about as cheap as they come and are often hard to install because the plastic anchors just spin in the wall while you tighten the screw or the screw strips so you can’t fully tighten the screw to the bracket. There is a better way and I will show you what product makes the pain of these cheap drywall anchors go away with superior hold and no drilling needed.

E-Z Ancor #7 Screw:
E-Z Ancor #6 Screw:

Tools Every Weekend Warrior Needs
Makita Corless Drill Combo Kit:
Dewalt Drill Bit Set:
Dewalt Screwdriver Bit Set:
Craftsman Screwdriver Set:
Eklind Allen Wrench Set:
Pliers (4-Piece Set):
Stanley Utility Knife:
Stanley Tape Measure:
Studbuddy Stud Finder:
Johnson Torpedo Level:
Stanley Hammer:
Buck Bros Wood Chisel Set:
Klein Voltage Tester: 
Klein Outlet Tester:
Wire Strippers: 
Little Giant Ladder:

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