Why Work at Mr. Handyman?

The most rewarding part
of my day, working for Mr. Handyman, is completing
projects on time and on budget. Best part of the job is using
my 32 years of experience to improve a customer's home. The most rewarding part of the
day that I have is when I'm done with the job and the customer
says, "Wow, this looks fantastic." Part of the financial opportunities
that we have is the consistency of having constant work. The other portion is, as you build a
client base, you can go in and actually upsell the client and basically, as
friends or as a relationship with a client, you can say, "Hey, you know, Mrs.

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Smith, there's this that needs
to be done," and because of that, you end up with more revenue. Referrals will just always keep
adding to your customer database where you will always have work. You will be busy if you have
enough customers that refer other friends or family members to you. Would I recommend working for Mr. Handyman? Certainly I would. I think that the job
is extremely rewarding. There's basically a ton of
flexibility in what we do. You can work as long and as hard as you
want, and unlimited income opportunity..

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