Careers at Mr. Handyman: Top Reasons to Work for Mr. Handyman

[Music] [Applause] the top reasons we're working for mr. handyman and for having a career with with our company is it's steady work very competitive pay and peace of mind at the end of the day there are great financial opportunities available for our technicians I've had a lot of guys who worked independently and they were charging 60 or 70 dollars an hour they find they can make more working for me because I pay for the van I pay for the gas that pay for the insurance and they're spending all of their time working not out looking for customers so they're actually getting more productive hours for which they're being paid out in the field by working for mr.

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Handyman it's really up to the individual tech to build his own business within our business to not only make their base pay but to make incentive bonuses a difference at different levels of sales a lot of offices have material sales bonuses as well so you're gonna make a great living have a lot of benefits attached to your actual pay we treat our technicians with respect we're in awe of their capabilities and their skills we know they are the reason that we're able to keep our business going that's what customers paid for and that's what keeps customers coming back so they're the bedrock of our business and we treat them accordingly [Music] you

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