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hi my name is TJ Walker and president of media training worldwide in new york city i'm also a brand new resident of dix hills Long Island I had a crisis when i was about to move in all of a sudden i'm getting close there are leaks in my roof of a home i haven't even moved in yet leaks are coming in it's causing damage panic time I don't know anybody in dix hills so I asked around I ask friends for recommendations I do Google searches I reach out to about eight different contractors four of them never even get back to me for I do communicate with make plans to have them come out inspect the house three actually come out of those three ask each one for a detailed recommendation analysis estimate of what it would cost to fix the leak just as a stopgap measure next sort of a medium thing to get me through the next six months and then a price for repairing and redoing the entire roof out of those three one of them didn't even bother to send me anything another one sort of hand scratched something out took a picture of an email I couldn't even read it but one and only one of the contractors got back to me in a professional way and I have to tell you about this young man I'm very impressed with him his name is josh curtis and the company is best built construction you can see it right there and he has a website and he's done everything he shows up on time I asked for estimates he gives me ask him he was the only one who really went through and dug deeper brought out his moisture meter to tell me okay your problem isn't just your roof but now there's moisture in the walls as well so he's really looking at the big picture and his price that were very very fair let's just say they were less expensive than some of the estimates and you know what he took the time to type it up I could actually read it he emails me when he says he's going to he keeps in constant communication throughout the whole process he text me if that's how I one of commune he returns phone calls he gives me his cell phone and he's been a pleasure to work with now the day of the preliminary fix I had to meet him out there I wanted to see the extent of the damage and we made a plan to meet at night him he was not on time he was early I was 10 minutes late he'd been there for 15 minutes he was early so here's the guy he shows up early he does what he says there have been no surprises very very affordable rates highly highly competitive and most important there's a peace of mind I just be like I can trust this guy I feel like he's not out to take a quick buck he's not trying to sell me a whole new roof if I don't need one he was very candid said you don't need a full roof now so we went with frankly the least expensive option there wasn't this constant upsell so if you're looking for someone that you can trust with your home and what's more valuable in your home if you're like most people I could strongly strongly represent excuse me but recommend I don't represent him he's not paying me anything I would strongly recommend Josh to you so check him out look at his website and you know what do what I did call him up for a free estimate doesn't cost you anything I think you'll have a good feeling about it I know I did and I'm very happy with the results

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