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How To Repair Chips On Your Wall

Hi, this is Maxine Shriber from simply decorate
and today we're going to be solving a problem and the problem is the terrible chips that
we get in our wall especially at the corners and how to take care of them and keeping your
home looking always beautiful and right. So this is simply decorates office and I thought
this would be a perfect place to start and as you know we get packages we get things
coming in and everybody knocks the corners and it drives me crazy. If the chip is really
big I prefer using bondo it's a body filler it's the same filler that they use to fill
the car its sort of the mixture two items and it becomes very very hard and we use it
certainly in metal but on this particular case we don't have to use bondo.

Plaster weld
is a great item to have number one what it does it gets the things to adhere to it so
if I put on the plaster will first the plaster will adhere to it or the paint will adhere
to it and it gives it a very good surface if you had a leak in your ceiling and you
were left with the big hole you wanted to plaster it I would recommend to put in plaster
weld first. Next item I used is my spackling now I'm kinda lazy so I used to pre mixed
spackling is already prepared ready to use we have to do is open it up and start Spackling.
Here’s all the items that you possibly could use if you using the bondo I recommend rubber
gloves with the plaster well to this little small area I do not need it but here are all
your knives that you need for the plastering some blue tape and some brushes to do the
final work.

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So the first thing I'm gonna do is take some of the plaster weld with a small
brush and go inside of the groove and the chip .Plaster weld just takes a few minutes
to dry and in the meantime I'm going to blue tape my area so I know exactly where I'm working
and I won’t put any more stuff anyplace else except for this chip. The plaster weld
is dry my taping is done and I'm going to now fill in the chip with my plaster. What
I love about the dry Dex is it comes in pink and when it is completely dry and ready first
sanding it turns white so it makes work and life very simple I remove the tape because
now everything is dry and ready to be sanded and as you can see I added a little extra
height to the plaster so that I could make it perpendicular and perfect to the wall.
I'm using what is called a sanding block, this way I can go to both sides and get it
perfectly straight and also keeping the point at the edge of the wall.

As you could see
it is perfect it is ready to be primed and painted and you could do that very carefully
with a small brush and feathered into your wall you don't have to paint the whole wall
as long as you have the same color. This is simply decorate and Maxine Shriber hoping
that you've learned a little bit if you have any questions about this write to us at customer
service and also keep your house always looking beautiful and always
be creative..

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