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DeineHelfer24 Selfie Video: Berlin-based online handyman service

hi guys i'm sending it with the war but from Dinah hip of you and planting however what I XO take me time and we are all the way in the west and belly in Charlottenburg good almost just around the corner directly you here and yeah let's have a look inside all right let's go and yeah tell us on the way what it's done i have a few in swansea all about we are offering the service for people at home or sun offices where we help them with all technical problems at home whether is whether it is to install the lamp on the ceiling or put some curtains window curtains or build up some furniture whatever is needed right at home or in the office will come and fix it how did you get that idea do you have any affiliation with a real estate business oh yeah I'm not from the illicit business so as I rented out apartments I have seen the demand for for this kind of service and this is why I thought about ok why not to make up a company who offered yeah and you guys are here in Berlin to fall yes we're here in Berlin right now but we are planned to go also to other cities ok so why did you start a building i was born in born gricean one of the pics reason yeah what are you so how long have you been added about around a year you said oh yes I rector start around a year ago yeah and how many people are you guys that's your office here in our building yes that you will move soon will move soon man we're searching for for a bigger office because yeah we are too too many people here we are here at the moment where five people in the office and we are searching for more and then yeah we have and we have around 10 handyman Kratz when you were working for us yeah I see your own handyman crafting you can then you also five are our own and five others are working awesome Yeah right anyway okay and is that the business model on the long term also that you have all your own workforce or will you also feel like a marketplace and yeah as well ok posing it yeah both it depends on the on the service we offer all right that's it so from an experience of fire any advice or tips for other founders well I think everyone says just the same if you have a good idea and you're sure about it then invest all your time all your energy and it will work out okay and maybe any major mistakes you made on the way that you could share I did many mistakes huh but it's it doesn't matter you have just to learn through it and it's hard it's it's difficult to manage many people but it's also you learn each day so mistakes yeah okay so what are the next big milestones for you guys yeah we are trying now to go to other cities in Germany and to offer our service there yeah to help more and more people do you guys have an investor oh no no all good trip yeah everything my previous company so I here to open myself at the moment congratulation Acuff way but tell them yeah go through your own boss correct all right good i think that's already it yeah wish you guys all the best thank you very much you guys if you need someone to help you with hanging up your wardrobe order call us Dinah FF in Swansea dot da da te crooked bye bye Wow you


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