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Need Help… Get a Virtual Handyman

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hindsight 101 where you'll learn about things that will help you in everyday
life now have you ever needed a handyman but you couldn't get one so let's talk
about getting a virtual handyman and you say what's that
well the virtual handyman is a website that you can reach out to that'll answer
a whole bunch of questions so say there's a pandemic and you can't have
someone come out to your house or it's 2:00 in the morning and something's
broken and you need help deducing what the problem is and you can't get a hold
of anybody well you can go to these websites and they have someone available
24 hours a day that can help you with a broad number of things particularly in
my case was my washer died and I didn't know what was the problem and I want to
figure it out myself because as of April 2020 20 with everything going on I
didn't want someone coming to my house and getting a new one delivered to me
was gonna take forever and I have three kids I need my washing machine now and
as you know this is a DIY Channel so I wanted to fix it myself so I went to the
internet found this website called just answer comm by no means is is sponsored
am i recommending this site but it was the first one I found and it helped me
out so I thought I'd give him a shout-out now I'll link some other
websites below they do the same thing so you have some options to choose from so
you can check it out yourself now these websites they do come with a
fee but a lot of times they give you a discount if your news customer so try it
out for me I'm only gonna use it maybe once or twice so you know I don't mind
but there's some that have a monthly subscription that you can sign up for
too if you think you're gonna use them a lot but don't take my word for it so
let's check them out so after I sign and got everything situated and
submitted my question it took about five minutes for them to assign someone to me
which I thought was extremely fast so they assigned Taylor Taylor was very
pleasant has an excellent rating so I was okay to proceed so after reading my
question Taylor asked me a couple more questions and then he came to the
conclusion that it was my control board that was broken previous to this my
power kept going in and out of my house and I think that's what caused the issue
with my control board on my washer he even gave me a link to the product that
I needed since it was $300 I wasn't sure I wanted to spend that much just yet so
actually I closed out this ticket I gave him a five-star rating and paid him but
then like I said I went back and took another look at my washer just to make
sure I didn't have to spend this $300 um and then I came back with another
question and he was more than willing to help even after basically I closed the
ticket so I thought that was great as well in the end I didn't end getting the
part but I just went to ebay and got to use one for a hundred dollars which was
even better this experience was great I would definitely use it if I ever ever
had a bomb like this again so check it out for yourself like I said there'll be
links below so you can look at a couple of them for yourself if you ever need it
hope you like this video if you have any questions please reach out and if you
want to support the channel please check out some of my other videos thanks a lot
take care

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