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over here i've already changed out starting back there come around one section two sections and coming back into here that's probably 14 foot or so down that side back around here about four i think uh that was all rotten fall apart in hand that's actually in that area there is where we found live termites under here that's already been put back together coming well come together well i'm missing the joists there but other than that it's disgusting i say we have taken a few of them out got a long way to go all right working in here working in here from here back to that other pillar uh try to get all that done today try to keep the camera on all right so here we are on the inside of where we're just at uh we're gonna cut out cut out and put back uh i've already taken out some of the floor joists in this area uh just a matter of getting all that other stuff out all right let's start taking some of this stuff out i moved this ledger board i broke it at least a little while ago move it you can see all this is right over here not very solid too hard to get that piece out if you notice before i get too far the areas in between look really nice this joist come in here and hit this same over here now they're out of the way you pull them out you see it's pretty rough in there i don't know if they're coming through over there but they're active ants crawling around in here they're everywhere in there a bunch of them lots of ants ants in there you can see this board that's all the wood that's supposed to be there something to keep in mind is these boards that i'm tearing out are the ones that that actually support the walls that hold up the house they're obviously not doing a very good job uh point trying to make it you need to always be careful not to take out too much uh be wary of the fact that the house can't fall so you know you should always be careful uh let's move on let's try to get this last bolt out i'll be the first to tell you that should have never come out like that should be by far harder a lot harder all right we got the board cut set my back ready to get back into the spot have this plastic moisture barrier we want to try to make sure we get up okay just through trial and error and there's other spots this is best to go in top first and now feet until it fits i use this to kind of lift up keep the board from binding and it gives me a little push power too might get steve to smack it a couple times out there and get a better swing than i can under here it's a tough job if you're thinking about trying to do something like this uh it's hard it's sturdy it's not much room to move around you're gonna bust up your fingers and your head breathe insulation hey man when i lift up on this try to smack it in a little bit i think you could probably get a better swing tonight yep all right all right we got that section replaced over there backed up a little bit we're in here now that's over there we got to get this replaced in here you can tell that's all rotten i need to try to decide how far back to go to try to get into the good wood i'm gonna cut this front board in here peel it off and see what this backboard how it's looking if it's getting more solid and then we could go that way hopefully we just have to see a little bit more cutting but check it out as we go so so something about working under here you have no space it's probably two foot i don't know where any of my tools anything right now it's my hammer and it'll be something else but i just want to pull the nails and get them cut out of the way this board it's pretty solid here there's some problems up here but i just can't keep cutting take everything out uh i think we'll be okay and then we're going right here all solid wood from here forward we'll be in pretty good shape i'll probably come back and cut all this off uh here we are back in that same spot it's on that little wall all that rot was we've replaced it all replaced joists all that band is new it's a bear there's a double two by eight and a two by ten installed there on top of that that brick line there uh all the rocks going in this area so now we have this side repaired nice and beautiful should last another 50 years you got to come around and do this side same kind of deal all right and nasty it really gets extremely bad once you start getting back into there we've got this hot water heater here in the way it's gas so got a water hose to it draining the water get all the water out we'll drain it take out the hot water heater um basically going to cut here and here and then we gotta disconnect the gas very very important back there is the valve make sure the gas is out it's turned off um about to run out of tape so i would kind of show you how to do it uh basically just take a hacksaw cut the pipe we try to get putting it back together hopefully that all right the hot water heaters no we see the termite trails in the woods that's right they're behind hot water here that's pretty much all shot i said i was gonna try to get some light back there there you go that's the wood up under there you

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