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hey guys for boy here again jg back in this home in the Farmers Branch I think I said Carlton the other day but what we have is some advancement you know here's a home the beautiful home we have removed some of these walls and extended that window we have patch some of the area's already made very flush straight lines you know that's what we're looking for as far as work here's one of my team members what's up man you know this is the window we extended you end up very very nice it'll give a lot much better view you know all of these corners were done and completed and now you have a lot better view from here we don't have anything blocking the view we haven't finished anything here yet we still gotta work in this area and we have another team member here in the master bedroom already getting it all done what's up man and basically you know that's as far as we have advanced you know areas like that they're being smooth it up just like these food and then that's what it takes just make them smooth and sharp so basically thus the update as far as this whole drywall texture job that we had if you notice the customer wanted to cancel these lower vents and he's going to install them up there he feels that the air from the bottom is not as good as the top one and the same is going to happen here which is all those bags in the bottom and we put new ones anyways thank you very much for watching and give me a call anytime

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