Local man develops app dubbed “Uber for home repairs”

CINCINNATI (WKRC) – A new app delivers handyman services on demand.

One of the co-creators of Homee, Dave Theus, is a Cincinnati guy. It’s being billed as the Uber of home repairs. Homee started in Florida the summer of 2016, and launched in Cincinnati in December. Developers plan to expand to New York City and Texas soon.

Renee Fagel of Ft. Wright is a busy lady and admits she doesn’t have a lot of skill around the house. Her to do-list includes fixing an electrical outlet and repairing the trim in her foyer.

“I’ll say that I’m going to do it. And I get in over my head. Or I’ll get in the middle and think, I’d rather be doing that. It’s a matter of having more on your plate than you have time to do.”

She downloaded the app Homee and uses it to call up a handyman. Larry Verax is an independent contractor. He connects with Renee through his phone and accepts the job. The app lets her know he is 13 minutes away. It also shows she’ll pay a 34 dollar dispatch charge and then 1 dollar 7 cents a minute. The rates are based on stats from the us labor department and location.

Theus says, “If you order the job in Cincinnati it’s going to be a bit higher than in Williamstown. So based on years’ experience he’ll be a 90th or 10th percentile rate. His ratings also go into what he’s being paid.”

The contractor gets a one to five star rating by the customer. If they aren’t satisfied, Homee will send someone back out to fix it plus there’s up to a $1,000 satisfaction guarantee. Homee promises value, convenience, and fast service especially in a home improvement emergency according to Theus.

“Instead of getting a 24 hour hotline that maybe they’ll dispatch someone in a few hours, we get them there in 10 minutes.”

On average a contractor can be at a home in less than 30 minutes. Pro’s like Larry Verax of Northern Kentucky are vetted through an interview and background checks. It’s free for him and other service providers to sign up.

“I don’t have to have the insurance or work with other guys. So merger between 2 that works out for me and the consumer,” said Verax.

Homee is licensed and insured. So far in Cincinnati, the company says they’ve done 50 to 75 jobs. More than 100 service providers are signed up.

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