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thank you for your interest in the franchise opportunities available with handy pro handyman service during the next few minutes we are going to show you the immense potential for success that exists for handy pro franchise owners so sit back and let us take you through a little course we like to call handyman 101 homeowners are always faced with a to-do list around the house unfortunately they often don't have the time or skills to fix or improve things that's where handy pro handyman service comes in handy pro specializes in helping homeowners finish their to-do list it's that specialized service that is in demand nationwide by homeowners young and old in today's hurry up world with busy to income households active senior citizens or single-parent families it's difficult to find time to fix the little things around the house yet according to the US census bureau statistics the average household spends three hundred and eighty-seven dollars annually on household maintenance and repairs and homeowners spend even more each year on home remodeling that's where handy pro comes in we have the skilled handyman technicians to handle all the small jobs around the house including caulking gutters replacing a faucet or sink installing ceiling fans drywall repairs carpentry work you name it and we can do it and we make sure we do it with quality and customer service in mind at handyprobe the customer comes first philosophy is the reason for our success and will continue to be the focus to ensure our franchisees will be successful in the future our market strategy is to handle the small jobs for the homeowner rather than large and cumbersome remodeling jobs by taking jobs that could be completed in a day or two we increase our profit margin rather than getting bogged down with bathroom or kitchen remodeling projects that can take weeks or months to complete this has been our proven philosophy at handy pro since our inception in 1996 and it's one that has served our franchisees well handy pro has a proven system which helps our franchisees hit the ground running and the kind of support you need to keep your franchise running smoothly our business is making you successful that's why people nationwide are looking into the potential a handy pro franchise can offer why should you be interested in the Handy pro franchise opportunities it's simple we offer a low entry fee to purchase a franchise with an exclusive 100,000 home territory that's a market potential of close to 40 million dollars per year no other competitor in the market can match that and handy pro will graduate your royalty fees during your first three years in business so you can get your franchise up and running successfully handy pro then capture royalty fees from the third year forward enabling you to keep more of the money you make other franchises often charge six or seven percent of your revenues for royalty at handyprobe our philosophy is that our franchisees success comes first and then and only then will we be successful our cap trial t program puts more money in your pocket which helps make your franchise more successful yet even though your franchise fees are low the great support system handy pro has put in place to ensure your success will not be compromised before you open your new business handy pro puts you through an intensive training program that includes thorough education in the areas of accounting and record-keeping personnel administration marketing and advertising operations appointment scheduling project estimating insurance and safety and customer service you will also receive training in the use of your own proprietary handy pro integrated dispatching inventory mapping marketing and financial software this software has been developed especially for handy pro to help you run a franchise more effectively and efficiently the Handy pro franchise operations manual is a complete guide to every facet of running our handyman service company in addition we provide you with a detailed startup checklist to ensure you are ready for your first day in business we also give you proven marketing materials and programs that get your phone to ring with potential customers and once your franchise is up and running handy pros franchise team is only a phone call away we will continue to provide you with excellent support and the ongoing consultation you need to help mold your franchise into a successful business this ongoing support includes quarterly and annual franchise meetings where new techniques systems and marketing programs are discussed to help you stay on top of your market you will also receive a monthly newsletter with new product ideas and articles on running your business more effectively and profitably and our operations workshops and how-to videos will keep you on top of the latest methods and products available to enhance your opportunities for success and you'll always receive unlimited consultation and business reviews from the Handy pro staff to ensure your operation is achieving the sales goals you have set and is maintaining a solid profit margin now that you have a better idea of how a handy Pro franchise can benefit you let's talk about the type of person we are looking for in a franchisee first to own a franchise a person must have an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to succeed second you should have good management skills and the ability to deal with customers on a daily basis you probably noticed we didn't list be a handyman as one of our criteria that's by design at handyprobe our franchisees run a handyman service business they do not perform the handyman repair work themselves that means you will hire and manage handyman the day-to-day duties will be operational rather than physical it's important to emphasize that you don't have to have a handyman background to own a franchise our proven support system will teach you everything you need to know about the type of jobs to take on how to estimate and schedule a job and how to manage your handyman if you meet these requirements you'll have the right foundation to be a successful kandi pro franchisee when you add it all up it's easy to see why so many people are interested in becoming handy pro franchisees we hope this video has helped you get a better understanding of the many benefits incorporated in the handy pro system and now a word from the founder and president of handyprobe keith paul thank you for your interest in handy pro handyman service where our motto is be in business for yourself but not by yourself hi I'm Keith Paul president and founder of Handy Pro handyman service I hope this video has shown you the handyprobe difference you too can run a cash flow business with no accounts receivable and no inventory our dedicated team is here to ensure your business success and our royalty fees are structured so you can keep more of the money you if this opportunity appeals to you please complete the confidential profile sheet which is included in your marketing material in fax it to us we will respond to you shortly and remember you don't have to be great to start but you have to start to be great thank you again for your time booth food you


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