CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Man poses as handyman in possible break-in attempt

only on 13 Action News I would have shot him I would have not have not have hesitated a valley woman says a man tried to break into her home pretending to be a handyman and she caught all of it on her surveillance cameras 13 Action News reporter Gina lazara shows us what happened I had a clear view with him there as he was looking through the window at me Diane done Friedman watched it all go down right on this monitor the man pulls up in his white truck approaches her home she believes with intentions to break in it said because she can't stay feel safe in your own home anymore here first she watched him go under the carport to try the back door but not before accidentally staring into one of her cameras so then he turned around he came back out this way and he went around to the front door you can see him peek into the window that's when Diane took action get out I do not want you here you better leave now Diane yelled those words through the door so look what he does next you can see him stick something in the door before taking off it was this a flyer offering handyman services to go to the lengths that he did to have a flying made up with a number to make it look legit to wear the clothing to make it look legit and be a thief Diane and I both tried calling the number on the flyer it brought us to an operator both times Diane is counting her blessings tonight it could have ended a lot differently because I would have shot him I would have not have not have hesitated police say they have heard of this before people like this guy posing as handyman or cable guy to try and get into your home and police remind us if your home and this happens to you do it died and it and make it known that you're home reporting near alton durango Gina lazzara 13 Action News you know thank you

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