How to re-gas the air conditioning in your vehicle

I recently noticed that the pickup truck air cooler is not cooling as it should So I found this product called, Ay Z Cold, in At my local car accessories outlet, out of curiosity, I said why not buy it And give it a try, and the first thing we'll do, go Engine and set the air conditioner to maximum cooling And now I'm putting a thermometer in the air, to know the actual temperature And as you can see it's around 26 degrees Celsius Now you have to identify the locations of the low pressure, and remove the cover You have to be really careful while doing this, because the engine is still It works, and there are moving parts that can pull your hand, and cut your arms off if You are not careful, you have to put on safety glasses and gloves This is the easy caller to release, just push it back to get free, and we just can Let him communicate now, as you can see this system needs Fill again, shake it and And press the button above, it may take 5-10 minutes for the system to fill Fully in this car, if you release the button now and again You will see the actual system pressure, which decreases when Taking your finger off the bottle, I want to point out that it's me I do not promote any company, ZShel, and you can buy it through the eBay site They are cheaper than buying them in regular stores I'm going to tower it a little, and you will notice that the cursor is in the blue area This filled the required pressure now And I turned it upside down for a minute, and you can release the connector You can fasten the cover to its place, and back inside the truck And you can clearly see that the temperature has gone down a little bit, after about 10 Minutes, the temperature fell from 26 degrees to 16 degrees Celsius In my view, it's worth the money, and you can fill up two cars with it From one bottle

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