Bob Jobs Handyman Service – We Do the “Honey-Do’s” That Honey Don’t!

you hello and welcome to this episode of Hampton Roads business live my name is Rory Graham and I'm your host and today we had the pleasure of having with us Joe White who is the marketing director and a co-owner of Bob's jobs handyman ah that's uh that's a that's a tongue twister that's a long yeah it's okay and I was intrigued with your tagline which is we do the honeydews that honey don't yes people okay so that kind of says it all I think yeah okay well that's it for the interview right right that's at all well why don't you give us a more in-depth overview everyone what's your sure I'll be happy to we are a local privately owned entrepreneur company we've been in business about a year and we do the honeydew is it honey don't and that by that we mean there are so many families in the area that are affiliated with the military and the husband is often gone leaving the wife and the kids at home to fend for themselves a lot of those women aren't comfortable or they don't have the time or the skill that's needed to do their own handyman jobs so that's one group that we tend to cater to however there are also senior citizens who would love to do their own handyman work but they simply no longer feel comfortable climbing up on high ladders or taking on things that have quite a bit of labor or physical strength involved so we like to serve them as well and then the other group that we've done very well with would be single women and again they may have some interest in doing the work for themselves and sometimes we can explain to them some steps that they can take to do things for themselves but at the same time they can feel overwhelmed and not confident in their handyman skills and they will hire Bob's jobs to come in and then you also have a lazy group yeah yeah we all like to call them that but yeah there's there are people who basically they have discretionary income they they can afford to hire us they may be young enough that they're physically strong enough to do the work and they may be intelligent enough to learn the skills and go to some haute how to videos and that sort of thing but they simply don't want to use their time that way they would rather be out on their boat or taking a vacation something like that so they don't want to use their free time to do a handyman work okay well let's talk about a little bit about the type of services that you do and and I know you said that you were I've been in business a year but it's been a very successful year I mean you're you're very busy Wow and obviously there's reasons for that we'll get to in a minute but what type of services prime I know there's a whole long laundry list of them but what type of major services would you say that our most popular that you do currently because our work is somewhat seasonal we are doing a lot of pressure washing and cleaning out of gutters I mean this the weather this past week is definitely contributed to that we are expecting in fact we got two calls this morning alone about that kind of work so bob has an industrial-strength pressure washer not the homeowners model and it works really well at both cleaning siding brick cleaning out gutters driveways walkways pretty much the whole gamut of things that you can do with a pressure washer okay but but you you do plumbing yes yes Bob's not a plumber and he's not an electrician but he is capable and willing and able to do smaller repairs he can up change faucets he can put in ceiling fans he can change light fixtures all that sort of thing okay and it would work stuff too yes he's very good with carpentry skills that's one of his passions he even knows how to refinish furniture sure he can create templates that are needed we had a client in the Bishopsgate neighborhood in Virginia Beach who had a lovely picket fence with these nicely shaped pickets they no longer make them he found out when he did some research so he invented a template of the picket used one of her existing pickets to create a template and then using his woodworking till tools that he has at home he was able to recreate them and put them in place and they look fabulous she was really pleased with the results they looked just like the original pickets that she had put in okay uh and and I noticed that when when talking to you and looking at your site at all that one of the things that you you all say makes you unique is your elevated customer service and that's probably why you've been propelled as fast as you have I think so too um from what I've seen right so can you talk to us about that cured we have set procedures in place we actually have a procedures operating manual that outlines all of the steps that we take from the time of a client contacts us by phone usually and we do a variety of things we direct them to our website to do research and check out our credentials and look at our services we also gather their personal contact information at that point in time so that we have a way to reach them at a later date I either call them to remind them of scheduled appointments or send them an email reminder depending on their preference some older people don't like to use email when Bob goes out to do an estimate if he's going to be running very late we give him a phone call if he's running more than 30 minutes late after he at once he secures a job and goes out and does the work he does quality measures at the end of the job to make sure he's left it at least as clean as he found it I then call the client the day after a job to make sure they're happy with our work and that there aren't any remaining concerns because there are times he may do a pressure wash job and it looks fine when he's there but it's still wet and until the next day comes and it dries out a little bit it's hard to see that he may have missed a small spot so by calling them the next day I can find out if there was something he needs to come back to and he's more than happy to do so and that becomes a priority that day the other thing I like to do is after talking to them finding out if the Bob needs to come back if there's anything at all they were concerned about I write them a thank you note by hand mail it out to them I either include a business card or we have really cute magnets that we got that they can keep on the refrigerator in case they want to contact us game that's a good idea cause you never know when stuff like that's going to come up and somebody it tends to happen at the worst times one unexpected oh yeah plumbing plumbing pipe breaks and they've gotten that that under control but now they they're dealing with the water damage and we can help out with that well I noticed that we had talked about the different type of clients and all do you want to give us an example of a typical client yeah well this is kind of a joke but our ideal client is someone who lives in our zip code simply because it's just so easy and we have targeted the neighborhoods that are right around our home and that would be the kings grant neighborhood bishopsgate Chesapeake colony those surrounding areas but because we have an internet presence we have a website we are now getting more traffic more inquiries through our website than we are through word-of-mouth referrals or Flyers that we pass out so our ideal clients we pretty much have three and as I mentioned that would be military families where the husband's gone senior citizens who would like to do the work themselves but they don't have the time and then families that have discretionary income you also do deal with a building managers we do we have established some very good partnerships with property owners who don't live in the local area I can think of three right off the top of my head that live in other states and they don't even usually see the work that Bob does but they've established a good working relationship with him they trust him they know he'll show up on time he will call them while he's at the property to inquire well did you want these holes filled in the walls here do you want to leave that he may pick up on things that they missed he does a lot of section 8 housing repairs and that has worked very well again we have at least three to four property managers or real estate investors with local properties and we've been more than happy to work with them that that's been a very good relationship well I know on your website there's a lot of testimonials Oh reviews of your work so encourage people to go to check that out um is there anything that I haven't covered that she liked to say the feedback that we get from people which I find fascinating because it's surprising to me that people other entrepreneurs and other people in the service industries aren't attempting to do what we do but we we're told all the time that we are way ahead of the game that the fact that we do have a website that we do have a facebook fan page that we keep those up to date I published twice monthly newsletters that provide valuable contact for the reader those newsletters include tips for handyman do-it-yourself projects we talk about personal adventures of Bob and Joe the two owners just because people find that interesting and they like to get to know us yeah everything's so social now yes and at our so they it so the marketing somewhat changed in that time so you can either ignore it and law or embrace yes and we've learned to embrace it and we love it I actually I went from being very intimidated by working on the website to loving it and now I've been doing so many newsletters and I have a process that I write up that it's become fairly easy for me and I just have the best time dreaming up ideas of ways I can help people because it's not really about selling it's about value now will you offer this weekend matter of fact this weekend i wrote a newsletter that's going to go out this week and ten things i learned from interviews during September and it's just 10 surprising things I didn't know that would be helpful to other people and but at any rate okay well I I appreciate you coming in and talk thank you and so if you're in in need of a handyman for a whole list of services I've got a whole page mm here yeah there it would be better to go to their website I'll check that out that's our resource library just about anything you can think of if you need a handyman then check the check them out and I'm sure they would be glad to talk to you about that and give you a quote right one the estimates are free and estimates are free well you can't beat that so I I wish you continued success thank you alright and the information is going to be at the end of this video the contact information will be at the end of the video and on this page and also some example pictures should be honest page as well so I thank you for coming in with your great success having me and I appreciate your producer raesha contacting me and getting this all set up that was great okay thank you okay thank you


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