Helicoil | Thread repair

a common problem with tap tools is that they get stripped so here we have a balls as you can see that screws insert tsveti doll perfectly but the center although the actual threads have become stripped of it so you've got two choices when that happens you can use the next ball size up so you can drill the oil slightly larger and put a larger tub through it and then use a larger bolt or you can use a thread repair kit so today we're going to use the thread repair kit so this is a basic kit probably the most common make of these is le coil most people seem to avail of doors so this is the m10 kit so what we get is a drill bit as the correct size the tap that's the correct size the thread inserts are the le coils and then the two tools that we use are putting the other coils in so normal it's an absolute piece of care using these and they're extremely useful so the first thing we need to do is drill the actual all using the correct size drill bit that's in the kit so before we go any further we need to make sure we've got our safety glasses on so I'm just going to drill the all out to the correct size using this drill bit so now we've got the correct size all for our tap that we're going to use next so I'll just fit some cutting fluid on there and then we can get the all started so we need to get the old straight obviously so I'm just going to keep checking it so I can see that that is going in there straight so we just need to tap the oil now so I'm going to work a couple of turns forwards and then watch a return back to be a chip off and now we've actually gone all the way through the material so why not straight to actually import straight through so I can then clean that then we can put our back in the kit so now we take our thread insert and we're getting the correct way around which is that where and then we use the Andal so we put that on the actual tang on the inside there and then we screw that into the all that we've just made and we need to keep screwing it in and so it gets alpha turn below the surface of the metal which is about there so now the final two when the kit is the punch so we'll just push the punch in and Brits hang off and I snap the tag off from the other side of the oil so I want your thread inserts in place you can just take your bolt and you can just screw it straight in there so that's how to use an le Cowell or a developer kit


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