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Aladdin EasyFit Isolator | Isolate a live water pipe

this is the Aladdin easy fit isolator – these
can be installed onto a live Water pipe so this pipe is 15 mil copper pipe you
can also install these on plastic pipe as long as you follow the instructions
these are incredibly useful if you ever get a pipe that you cannot isolate
obviously once the pipe is at mains pressure there is no way of isolating it
you can actually isolate it by fitting one of these and there's no need to
isolate the wall so you can actually fit this to the pipe when it has water in at mains pressure so these are incredibly useful for flats large factories etc
where it is impossible to isolate the water
there are currently two different types of kits available there's the one with
the tool kit which includes those three tools which is a little bit more
expensive or you can just get the kit without the tool kit so that will give
you all the components you need for the easy fit isolator in the kit you'll get
a set of instructions and it is important that you follow the
instructions I'm not going to fit this onto a piece
of 15 millimetre copper pipe and I'll just show you how easy it is to install
one of these as well as these tools you are also going to need a powerful drill
that is a minimum of fourteen point four volts this is the pipe where we're
going to install the easy fit isolator you do need to check the pipe and ensure
that it is clean you can't actually use the easy fit isolator if it has been
painted or if it has solder drips on it to start off with we need to remove the
four cap head bolts so I'm just going to flick the drill into reverse and we'll just
remove all four of those I'm now going to adjust the torque on the drill and
I'm going to set it to about the mid position so that is the two components
it's a good idea to check that the sealing rings are in position I'm not
going to decide exactly where I want it and it doesn't really matter on this
pipe but once you decided on the correct place you cannot slide up and down
because that could dislodge the seals so I'm just going to pull the pipe away from
the wall slightly and I'm just going to slip the back of the easy-fit isolator
behind it like so so I'm not going to put the Front on
and I'm going to start inserting the cap head bolts so I'm just going to wind
them all in so they are nearly touching the isolator so I'm going to do that with all four so I'll now ensure these are tight, I'll start
with that one and then I'll take the diagonal ones and then I'll do the other
two we now need to swap over to the long socket so we'll remove the hex bit just open up the chuck and then for this I'm
going to ensure that the drill is in the slow speed which it is and I'm also going
to select maximum torque so I'm going to put that on to the drill symbol like so
you also need to check that the plastic split collar is on the spindle when you
perform this operation we now need to ensure that the drill is in forward gear
or is turning to the right as you will do to tighten something we can then put
this on the hexagonal part there we need to drive this in until the red line
reaches the top of the collar now need to remove the collar you can
unscrew that and discard it.


I have to point out this is a very powerful drill
and if you are struggling driving that in with the drill you will have to use a
ratchet instead or a wrench on the housing we have a red dot and also on the
cutter plug we have a red dot they need to be aligned you do need to turn it in
a clockwise direction to get those aligned
But if you can't turn it in a clockwise direction which I can't with this one we
will have to back that off in an anti-clockwise direction until the two
red marks aligned so we now have both of the red dots perfectly aligned at the
top we can now remove the split poly tube that comes off very easily now
all we have to do is fit the plastic cap that simply goes over the spindle just
need to push that down and then we just need to screw in the screws for this part I'm actually using a screw driver because these screws are very small and
I don't wanna risk stripping them using an electric drill I've got two of those if we can now do
the remaining two once we've done that we can then fit the handle to the
isolator can of course fit it either way around whichever preference you prefer so
I'm just going to put it that way for now once we've fit the handle will then put
the half nut on once you've installed it and you need to isolate the water
supply it's very easy simply close the lever like so and that will isolate
the water supply so these are very useful as you can use them on live
systems that you can't isolate if you're working in a block of flats or a large
factory it isn't always possible to isolate the water supply if an
isolation valve has not already been installed I hope you've enjoyed watching
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