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What I like most working for Mr. Handyman is that you have the freedom
of being your own boss and the opportunity of making a lot of money. As a previous business owner myself, I
enjoy the fact that I'm not having to chase down my leads, pay for the expense
of the van and also spend 20, 30 hours after production time to do paperwork. The financial opportunities
of working for Mr. Handyman are that we really can earn as
much income as we're willing to work. The more hours that you can put in
and the longer you want to work, the incentives keep going up. When I arrive onto the job sites,
I have the opportunity of upselling projects to a greater value. I don't have to pay for
liability insurance. I don't have to pay for
worker's compensation insurance. Would I recommend working for Mr. Handyman? Definitely. I have been approached by different
gentlemen in the past and have given them all the proper information to contact
either our office or an office close to the area they lived in, because of
the fact that I enjoy where I work, the way I'm treated and what we stand for.

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I would have highly
recommend working for Mr. Handyman for anyone looking
for a career, not a job..

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