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what's going on guys for JD one more episode of local handyman dfw we're here in beautiful Lancaster Texas here it's a new new area here that it's been built and let me show you what we're doing here this customer asked us to actually make a some painting job and you know just to have the place ready to move in from the previous the color used to be some light green color and we painted of course to the preference of the customer and I'm sorry an edge how is he recovered and excuse the mess here that we're going to install some toilets to do I just wanted to show you how basically and so far and I already put the sockets and of course every middle hole it was there we cover you know before so we could have it all painted and really some sockets in the kitchen and livingroom area all the edges has been done beautiful just beautiful like it said you know a very good job a couple of toilets we will be replacing oh and we do take the sockets out before we paint you know you know I seen some sockets already painted anyways we are also replacing the toilets and the vanity and they're going to bring it brand new so this should be brand new we'll paint it as well here my team had already made some advancements and I think he's here let me see there he is wilbert is the master straight liner look at that ah yeah wasabi there you go all right well I just wanted to show you guys that every angle every corner of you know the house hold it perfectly done beautiful and you want jobs like this you know what call lady L is the local handyman

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