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What’s The Point?! / The Handyman Business

In seven years you can have two bad knees and $2,000 in the bank account or your business can be worth a million dollars Like literally it's that easy. Just just think about it and start applying the strategies to get you there Hey friends Alan Lee here with honestly handyman services and I got a question. What is the point? What's the point of your handyman business? What's the point of my handing in business? This is a this is a great question. Have you stopped to ask yourself that? because if you if you're like me I bet when you started up your handyman business it was Because you you didn't want to work for someone else. That was the main reason when I first started up my business it was it that was the sole reason I didn't want to work for anyone else and I Also liked the money that I made being a handyman but a few years into it. I started thinking to myself I'm like, what's the point of this? I mean, I'm working more hours Yeah, I'm making more money.

But I'm working more hours. I got all the headache of running a business And I got all this overhead and all this Expense and stress too. And and I'm constantly working right so it begs the question of what's the point of it? All what's the point? So I I I've recently been reading a book called the e-myth revisited by Michael Gerber and if you haven't read this book I would highly recommend you read it. It is a phenomenal book really just changes the whole The whole mindset of running a business and operating a business like I was just blown away It really goes into that that most people they start a business just for that Like I said before was that they don't want to work for someone else They want to be in charge of their destiny and they want to do what they want to do and they want to make how much they want to make which is there those Are all great things to strive for but at the end of the day, what more are you doing? I mean there there are some people that say that the handyman business is not an actual business Because we are just we're just the sole sole proprietor working out there, you know making our own money We don't have a 401k.

We don't have we don't have a big business. We don't anything like that Yeah, it's like that if you want it to be that way, but for me I want my business to be much bigger than that to be much more than that. I have a vision for my business that that Branches way beyond just myself and the work that I could do and and I would challenge you guys to think about that In your own terms. What does your business look like? Not only today but five years down the road ten years down the road 20 years down the road What does it look like when you're looking to retire when you're almost 65? You know, what's it gonna look like right? I mean are you not gonna be able to retire because you only have you know, $2,000 in the bank account and that's it because you have you've made all this money but yet you've spent it these are really important questions to ask yourself and something that I really started pondering a Couple months ago is you know, what is the point of running your own business? I mean you can go get a good job and make just as much if not more money and have a whole lot stress and A whole lot response a whole lot less responsibility.

I mean you could definitely do that the reason and the vision for me is to be my own to be my own boss to make what I want to make to make my own hours and also provide that for anyone else that wants to join my team, so Michael Gerber in the book the e-myth revisited states that the only purpose for a business is To sell it or to franchise it right if you think about this in terms of everything else in this world Everything has a start a beginning and an end, right? Everything is is Born and then everything dies, right? There's a beginning and there's an end to everything. There's a start to a stop There's a start and there's a stop to everything, right? Why do we think it's different when we when we think about business? Business is the exact same way If you don't have a goal if you don't have a finish point You're never gonna be done with your business and you're gonna end up Old and broke like you're gonna end up with no money Absolutely, no money when you're old because you didn't have a vision you didn't have a plan You didn't have an endpoint, right? Some people call it an exit strategy of their business you could call whatever you want but the only point of a business is to sell it or to franchise it so that begs the the Question of what does your business look like when it's all done at the end point of your business.

Alan Lee

What does it look like? what does it even look like to have an end point of your business right that that Makes you think way beyond yourself and the work that you are currently doing in the business right now because to have an endpoint You have to see something that isn't already here, right? And in the in the e-myth revisited that talks about awakening the entrepreneur or inside of you oftentimes We operate out of the technicians side of us which which says I don't want to be my own I don't want to be I don't want to be controlled by a boss I want to be my own boss and I want to do the work that needs to be done right now so that I can Make a paycheck well the entrepreneur sees it how can my business produce a product so we can Not only pay our employees and the technicians but also make a profit for future growth That's the difference between thinking of a thinking as an entrepreneur to thinking as a technician So it's very important to wrap your mind around that and really figure out what your business looks like like in Seven years for instance is your business when it's done in seven years Is it going to be worth five hundred thousand dollars? Is it gonna be worth a million dollars? is it gonna be worth seven million dollars like these are Amazing figures to think about right like we're no longer Just just our own boss, and we're no longer not working for someone.

We're no longer. Just paying our bills we now have the ability to create a vision for our business where we can actually make like Seven million dollars in seven years like if we want to you can here in America you can You can change the whole fabric of who you are and in the way that you run business By just a single thought I was I was watching this the show the other day was called America the story of us great show And they were talking about Sears They you know, the guy from the big the Sears company was actually going under right now But anyways, that's lack of good management but whatever but back in the day the the the railroad was going through and and the the whole United States was on like 5,000 different time zones. No one there was no set time zone. So scheduling trains was was very difficult So the United States government came up with the idea to create four different time zones across the US and Sears The guy he had a amazing idea He just bought a whole bunch of pocket watches set him to the appropriate time that started selling him to selling them to the the guys running the railroad like and so he saw a huge demand and He had the supply for that and then that birthed into creating a 700 page catalog sending that over the US That is what I call a vision guys like He could have just you know bought a few pocket watches sold them Made the quick buck and then gone off gone on with his life Because he's not having to work for anyone he made he made it so much money on just those pocket watches alone Right, but then he went and turned that into the heat the whole Sears that we know today or that we knew you know five years ago before it's kind of going under but that's the whole idea of having a vision and creating and letting the entrepreneurial side of you Out basically, so I would highly recommend you check out the e-myth revisited by Michael Gerber Absolutely phenomenal book changed the whole course of how I'm doing business and it'll probably do the same for you.

So super excited So I would challenge you just think about what's the point? When you're 65, you want to be old and broke and maybe some bad knees I mean, what are you gonna get out of your business right in in seven years? are you getting think of it in seven years, you're gonna have two bad knees and $2,000 in the bank account or your business can be worth a million dollars Like literally it's that easy. Just just think about it and start applying the strategies to get you there now I know this sounds crazy by just like just hearing this right on YouTube, but Start applying it start applying it. Absolutely amazing. I'm still in progress I'm not saying that I figured this out by any means I am still on this journey I want to share with you guys about this journey of like what's the point? What's the point of running your business? So I just wanted to share that with you If you guys like this video give it a thumbs up subscribe to this channel for more awesome Handyman content and leave me a comment the comment section below.

Anyways, thank you all so much for tuning in and just remember What's the point? What are you gonna do?.

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