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Everything you need to know about Pricing Handyman Jobs!

You Whoa crazy with the light here It's like I'm like green. What the heck? Anyways, welcome guys welcome Everyone my name is Allen Lee and I am with honest Lee handyman services in Sacramento, California And if this is your first video tuning in, thank you all for tuning in I got a bunch of other videos on this YouTube channel, it would definitely love for you to check those out Today we're going to be talking all about pricing. So pricing handyman jobs in particular and through this I'm going to be telling you guys stories of how I use the price How I currently price and how I came up with that and kind of the lessons that I've learned along the way This is a live stream video. So I'm going to be taking questions from the audience So if you have any questions at all regarding pricing or anything having to do with starting up a handyman business or running one? I would definitely love to hear and try and answer your questions for you.

So let's get into it first of all, I want to I want to Just welcome everyone here. I want you guys to just introduce yourself into the chat Let me know who you are where you're from and what your handyman business is called Or if you don't have a handyman business yet what you do for a living? I would definitely love to hear about what you guys are doing on a regular basis. So Again, my name is Alan Lee. I would love to hear a little bit about who you are I'm going to be reading the chat forum in down here. So if I'm looking down there, that's why I'm doing that So today we're going to be talking all about pricing So in the little caption here I got you know all about handyman pricing how to price jobs Competitively and that is exactly what we are going to be digging into today is how to price jobs Competitively so that you can stay competitive in the market.

So a lot of times people have trouble Getting and keeping jobs as a handyman and really making money because they don't know how to price handyman jobs now It's probably the number one question that I get from people that want to start a Hanneman business is how to price a handyman job Competitively and that is exactly what we're going to be talking about today. So hey Pablo welcome from San Antonio PJP handyman services, welcome, man. We got michael on Ambler from Ashland, Oregon What happened with the 22 foot ceiling fan so yeah in the handyman journey mastermind group I posted a question about a ceiling fan. That's 22 feet in the air and how they would recommend me going about that because I'm sure as heck not gonna get on the ladder 22 feet in the air and Replace that ceiling fan.

I could just see myself You got to kind of hold it there and while you're climbing down the ladder with one hand and it just C seems horrible But so I ended up writing the estimate for the guy and I just I left that ceiling fan now and I posed it to him I said hey, we're gonna need to come up with some idea to Do that ceiling fan I don't know if you have I asked him if he had scaffolding or thinking like that I know I could purchase scaffolding but I've never really had a need for it so it's either I posed the question that we could get scouting or we could rent a scissor lift and I'm gonna kind of leave it up to him because I I don't I'm not in a position where I want to buy scaffolding I don't need it for anything else. So it would be it wouldn't really be something that would would be something in my wheelhouse So if he doesn't want to go the scissor lift route I mean that's something I could rent for a hundred fifty bucks here in Sacramento For the day and I could bring that in.

He's got a pretty big house. So it's pretty accessible But if he doesn't want to go that route Then he's gonna have to get someone else to replace that ceiling fan because it's just too much liability to go for that myself so we got Marvin Rodriguez from Annapolis Maryland, no company name yet. Welcome man. So what what kind of work do you do? I mean, what do you specialize in? We'd love to kind of help you come up with a name. That'd be kind of fun So we got Darren says hey what's going on miss the last live stream have made it for this one.

Hey, welcome, man This is gonna be a great live stream. We're gonna be talking all about pricing. So super excited for you all to be here I got a quick question for you guys real quick the few they're on here Do you guys watch any vloggers like watch do you guys watch anyone like that? Sorry, this video seems to be buffering. I Yes, I'm having some bad connection here apparently but do you guys watch anyone that does vlogging daily vlogging because I'm kind of interested in the concept of that and Have a question regarding that but anyway So let's get in we're going to get into this topic about pricing and as we're going on feel free to introduce yourself Let me know who you are where you're from What kind of business you're running? I would definitely love to hear if you guys have any questions along the way feel free to ask them I would definitely love to answer them.

So We got Ryan pounds from Atlanta, Georgia. Welcome in welcome. Welcome Let's see here. So we're going to go ahead and get into this pricing Pricing guide here. So so when you are pricing jobs, okay First off. I want to mention that we are having a Sacramento Meetup, the handymen journey is having a Sacramento meetup Friday, August 24th at 6 p.m. See I actually I found out how to get this thing on the screen this time instead of last time I didn't know how to get it on the screen So the handyman journey mastermind group on Facebook is having a meet-up in-person Friday, August 24th at 6 p.m In in Citrus Heights, actually, it's going to be at round Table Pizza at 79 43 greenback lane in Citrus Heights Nine, five six one. Oh, so if you guys are around Sacramento area, I would definitely love to meet you all and Get to know you and just hear a little bit about your story So we will be doing that.

I'll be talking about it more as we go so let's get Let's get back into these questions here Interior decorated But they paint the most of the time. Okay, so you do an interior decoration, but you you paint most the time. Okay, so Like painting with Marvin, I like that that's kind of cool pricing can be stressful Gilbert the Walker is from Arizona. So welcome man. What do you charge for a trip charge? We are going to be answering that in this video here about trip charges and things like that Tom is in southern california Alex says hey guys.

Welcome Alex. Where are you from? I would love to hear about where you're from and also The name of your business and and things like that I'm gonna bring up another picture here. So Yeah, so we are going to be talking about pricing today and all about that and we had one question It was specifically about trip charges and so for trip charges. I kind of roll that into Into my job cost so I don't necessarily Do do a trip charge per se so like on estimates.

I don't say. Oh, well you live here So it's gonna be you know, this much extra money. I don't necessarily say that Although that is definitely one way to do it. You can definitely charge, you know per trip or whatever and so Sorry guys. I'm doing doing this replay. So it real quick like this video. If you haven't liked it, that would be much appreciated Let's see here Pablo says you price our earlier buy the job who do you use to get prices alex is in Riverside? Welcome Alex. So okay. Let's get right into this pricing guide here So this is what I'm going to show you guys right here on the screen is some super good information that I have I have kind of gathered together as I was really struggling with this pricing question and how to Determine and really it's it's all about how to determine your hourly need is what I call it So it's not an hourly rate.

You're not charging by the hour. You're charging by the job This is at least how I do it So I charge by the job but you definitely need to know what your hourly need is So you need to kind of know your hourly rate? In order to charge for the job and the way that you find that is you you create two categories You create a business expense category and then a personal expense category So in your business expense category, you're going to want to list all your business expenses Including your taxes your licensing fees your general General liability insurance, etc. Things like that And then on the on the personal expenses side This is obviously going to differ for every person Depending on like if you're married if your wife works if she stays at home this and that so you're gonna want to include things like Cost of living so your mortgage and this is kind of the percentage to be paid by your income so obviously If your wife works and you maybe she makes 100 grand a year She can cover all of the mortgage and that's not going to be included in this hourly rate, which is perfectly fine for Me my wife is a stay-at-home stay-at-home wife.

She does have an at home business So some of that does go towards the mortgage and living expenses But predominantly I am what you call the breadwinner I guess so then you're going to include things like medical insurance home insurance Etc things like that. Like if your wife has a car grocery bills things like this Because and a lot of times people have a big issue people have a big issue with putting your personal expenses into Your hourly need but really if you think about it If you're going to take a job say McDonald's And you need say 20 dollars an hour over a 40 hour week to survive to pay your minimum expenses to live off of You're not going to take a job for $15 an hour if you need 20 dollars an hour for that 40-hour workweek Are you you're going to go find a better job? that's exactly What?
Determining this hourly need is as a handyman is you need to provide for yourself and your family and this creates a way to do it so I'm gonna answer.

I'm gonna answer a few of these questions here and then we're gonna get right back into this so So, let's see here High ridges from Connecticut. Welcome, man Michael he echoes that pricing is very stressful. I would definitely agree. I have a flat rate trip charge of $49.99 and after hours weekend's $89.99 I usually give an estimate over the phone if I can if I have to go out to a job and see it then I Then I feel them out over the phone and see if they are serious or just getting quotes from a tons of people That's what Darren R says.

Hi. Rich handyman says I have a Gate replacement I have to do in a few days I'm going to try your method and I will let you know how it turns out I would love to hear it high ridge handyman. I would love to hear how that works out, Michael Ambler says usual trip charges $1 per mile one way to offset expenses Awakened us says hello from PA great information. Thanks, man. Thanks for tuning in So just to just oppose my question real quick again is do any of you guys watch bloggers on YouTube Do you guys watch like Casey Neistat or Peter McKinnon or Cody Weiner or anything like that? What do you guys think about that whole vlogging thought like a daily video that kind of documents your day? I got kind of an idea on that, but I would love to hear you guys opinion on that That's kind of off topic of pricing. But anyways, let's get back into this pricing. So Okay, so we've determined your business expenses and then your personal expenses Now these are going to differ from for every person So that's why when someone asked me, what should I charge for replacing a toilet? Well, it really matters on what your hourly need is and that's something that only you can determine So what you're going to do is you're going to add up your business expenses and your personal expenses You're going to divide that by your billable hours per month So these aren't the hours that you are working and the hours that you're writing estimates.

These are your billable hours so these are actual hours that you have like an impact gun in your hand and Driving screws or or a hammer in your hand and you're hitting nails like this is these are the the hours that you are working So and then you're going to want to take that and then add so you're gonna divide your business expenses By your billable hours per month I I like doing month rather than week because sometimes the weeks can vary sometimes one week you can you know Maybe you have one day off in the next week. You're working all five days. So your hours are kind of skewed But if you take a month, it gives you kind of a good average for it to do that So, let's see So then you're going to take that number that you have and you're gonna want to add 20% for business growth now this includes things like Business goals. So say maybe you want to buy a new truck in a year You want to buy a new trailer? You're saving up for a really nice tool that you're going to need that's going to make some more money so this 20% is a for business growth and I think that is very important because if you're not Determining or factoring in business grow then you're actually dying Because the number that you get from dividing from adding up your business and personal expenses and dividing that by your billable hours per month Is actually a break-even number.

So that's the number that you barely need to survive that will cover. Just just your expenses So you need to add 20% for business growth and then on top of that I recommend adding 20% profit now this gets you your hourly need as a handyman And I like to go a 20% profit because that way you know that you have that kind of written in the estimate So if you do need to offer any kind of discount at all And or even if the job takes a little bit longer than you originally thought you're gonna have that 20% profit to fall back on and this profit is just going to Its long-term sustained growth and also something kind of a nest egg that you could have in your business and use it for different means For me personally, we're currently working on investing the money that we have profited from the handyman business Throughout the last few years. So there's many different things you can do with that 20% profit, but that is what I highly recommend for Getting your hourly need as a handyman and here in the bottom right hand corner I do have an in-depth handyman pricing course and that also it thoroughly explains how to come up with your Hourly need like we're talking about here, but it really goes in deep.

I pull you into my computer I show you my exact numbers and I show you guys exactly how I determine my hourly need and what it is and then it also goes into how to track that hourly need to make sure that that our little hourly need is the same in a sustaining you month by month and year by year and how to Continue your growth of a handyman business and you can find that in-depth pricing course @ww Handyman journey com, so I have that for you guys if you guys are interested in that So I'm going to go back here and answer some of the questions.

That was a lot of information about pricing I'm gonna see what you guys were saying about that And yeah, that was super a lot of information. So I'm super excited to give you all that I'm gonna see what you guys said about that. So, let's see here Matthew Ortiz says I charge for an estimate but if if I get the get to the job I include it in the press so if he gets the job he includes the The charge for the estimate in the job price.

That's definitely one way to do It is say you charge like 15 bucks for an estimate and then if they do Buy the job by the work, then that fifteen dollars just gets rolled into the estimate. That's definitely one way to do it So that that's what Matthew Ortiz does and that works great. So Pablo says blogging is great, man I think it's a good idea to do vlogs. Would love to see you do actual work And how your jobs go? Yeah. Darren says that you would love to see my my job and how they go So Darren, I do have a lot of videos on specifically how like working videos. I post a working video every Monday But but the vlog that I have an idea of is a little bit different And I'll kind of explain that a little bit more to you guys a little bit later But I would love to hear what you guys thoughts are on the vlogging experience Higher channa, man says you should do it Marvin Rodriguez says got to go but so far everything you already talked about Was very helpful Thank You Man.

Hey Marvin, we will see you. Thanks so much for tuning in. I really appreciate it Chris Hey says, how do you figure your billable hours per month? That's good question. And really that comes majority the majority with experience So four billable hours per month typically It's fairly low Compared to like a 40-hour workweek. It's not going to be a 40-hour workweek. A lot of people as a handyman they think well if I want to make this much in a week So I should I should divide it by 40 hours.

You're not going to be working 40 hours a week as a handyman I mean you're gonna have to do I mean why guess you could write but then you're going to be writing estimates all night and a whole weekend probably but you're going to be super swamped with just the the back end of work because Owning a business. It's not all front-end work and there's a lot of back-end work a lot of overhead as you call it So for me on my billable hours per month are somewhere around like forty hours per month And I know that seems pretty low.

But those are billable hours so that that factors into my My hourly need as a hain again So it's important to kind of track those and in that course that in-depth pricing course I go very in-depth how to track those and figure out all those exact numbers for you Let's see here Darren are says I figure out my monthly expense for each month including everything from food to Bills to gas and try to make double that each month so I know I'm in good In in good in case of a slope here.

That's it. That's a great way to do it Russ Russ, how you doing, man? Russ says got your card in the mail. Thank you. I saw you sign Harper Lee's name. Did you name? Did you name her after the author of To Kill a Mockingbird? Hey Russ, super excited to have you here Thanks for joining in man Yeah, I just sent you a card cuz you sent me a great a great letter the other day My daughter's name is Harper Lee because my last name is Lee. So I'm like we kind of got to go with the Harper Lee It was it kind of just fit in perfectly But so she is partly named after the after the author Harper Lee But I always say she's gonna be way better than Harper Lee cuz she is Harper Jay Lee their middle name is Juliana But yeah, super excited about that. We love her name but there's also a more in-depth story into why we named her Harper And just yeah really encouraging story.

So I'll get more into that some other time. But yeah, thanks for noticing She is partially named after kill mockingbird Harper Lee Justin says hey I'm very interested on how to set up a website and Can you do it for free or how much does it cost? Hey Justin, that is a great question I would refer you to go to Handyman Web Design calm and I'll write that here in the little chat form Let's see because so handyman Web Design dot-com Was designed for handyman and I had a lot of to do in in kind of the collections of that and Just offering advice into that night.

It's a really great platform It's it's how my website was made and it's it's geared specifically towards handyman and what they need out of a website And it's fairly inexpensive. I would highly recommend you just check it out. You can go there and you can You can request a kind of a some more information about it and you'll get a free marketing guide I would highly recommend you check that out. You could go and get more information on what it cost there You could talk to my good friend Jason call and he's just he's got a wealth of information about creating websites and things like that Mark says great info.

I need to charge more I've been bumping my price slowly looks like I need to figure out what what I need buy your formula. Thanks Man, welcome man. You're welcome. Pete. The handyman says pricing needs to take into consideration Going rate for similar jobs in your area. In other words. You need to be competitive. Yeah, definitely man hanging That's definitely something that you need to factor in. I mean if you figure this out and Your hourly rate is like a hundred and fifty dollars per hour But there's handyman around you that are only charging like 40 bucks an hour, obviously You need to figure something out. You need to cut something or do something make or offer a higher specialized skill that will make people want to hire you but that's a pretty big pretty big gap to fill so I definitely agree with you Pete is that you need to take that into account is Making sure that you are competitive in your pricing.

So awaken' says what state are you located in? What are your top five services that customers asked you to do so awake and dusk? I have a lot of YouTube videos Answering that specific question one that comes along comes to mind is the top 10 most Profitable handyman jobs that I do as a handyman. I'm here in California by the way, Sacramento, California and So my top five I would say right and it really depends on kind of your area and the the weather I think it has a lot to do of the weather so lately it's been super hot here in California my biggest job that I've been asked to do is use a sprinkler repair or Ceiling fan replacement. Those are probably the two biggest during wintertime. Say we had a lot of storms It's definitely a fence repair I have done Yeah, it's always something new. That's what I like about a lot of faucet replacements right now. I think because the the Economy is pretty good right now. I think a lot of people are kind of doing Doing kind of little improvements, you know, replacing faucets replacing door handles making things look nicer Replacing ceiling fans replacing light fixtures things like that So yeah, I've been doing a lot of that stuff.

So that's particularly. What I do is kind of handyman punch-list jobs I got a lot of videos here on my youtube channel that you can check out that are all based on the jobs that I do here in California kind of the punch list jobs Matthew Ortiz Says Justin you can do free but you need to pay for hosting which is about six to nine bucks a month That's definitely true. You can create a website for free If you know a little bit about web design and things like that, you can definitely go into that route But you do have to pay for hosting with there like GoDaddy or whatever WUF drum says good day, mate For some reason most handing me most of handyman jobs. I'm getting our painting projects here in n/s, Texas area Let's see here Chris Rando Do you ever hire help for certain jobs? So painting is definitely a good project to do and and yeah It all depends on kind of your area and what the need is for that area and painting made may be a huge Thing that is needed right now in your area And that's cool.

Alan Lee

So Do you ever hire help for certain jobs last year? I had an independent contractor that works for me I reached out to him this year and he wants to come back and work for me. He had some health issues. So We're waiting for him to kind of get that settled out and then we're gonna hire him back on Hey awakened us. Thanks for subscribe to my channel. I really appreciate it I hope that you enjoyed the content that I produce I try and make stuff that is helpful to people that want to get started as a handyman or Maybe our handyman and grow their business bigger. That's kind of my vision and my goal in life.

So I really appreciate you subscribing Masked mage says your videos helped a lot. Keep it up. Thanks a lot, man Hey, let's pause real quick. And if you haven't yet like this video. It's very important to get likes on the videos They really help my this video get seen by a lot more people So if you haven't liked this video I would really really appreciate You guys just to quickly go and just click the like button if you've already clicked it don't click the like button gig as it Will unlike it, but if you haven't liked it yet, please click the like button.

I would greatly appreciate it So thank you all so much. I see my likes are already growing right now in this video So thank you guys so much for that. Chris Randall says from Corona, CA funny I just cleared out my drain for the ice maker. That was frozen over and leaking. Oh, yeah, man, it's funny I just posted that video So about my ice maker, so I did that on Monday Awakens as clear as I say, thanks, man. I really appreciate it I try and do everything I can in a clear way that people can understand Yeah, Chris, man. You should have made a video and posted a nude. I would love to see that Let's see. So go with the handyman women so Pablo says to go with the animal web design, dude, I would agree Daniel web design dot-com and It's been a kill.

It's been a game-changer for me If you go over to actually you're on YouTube if you search Annie in web design There's actually they have their own YouTube channel, and there's a testimonial of me talking about my website and how I really like it So you can go over and check that out on YouTube just type in handy my web design and you can find their YouTube channel and you can see where I am on there and I did a little uh I did a little review of them so you can see what I have to say Do you think it's smarter to hire help for certain jobs or just do all the work myself? so WF Jerome, that's a great question whether it's Smart to hire help on certain jobs or just do the work yourself.

You got a factor in your profit so say you are doing a I'm not here in California because things are a little bit different though in the laws regarding hangman But if you're doing like a two thousand dollar job Right and you you can you can do that job and it will take you two days, right? And you will profit say you'll profit fifteen hundred bucks off that Or whatever and so or let's just say to make it even you'll profit two thousand dollars off this job. It'll take you two days By yourself or you could hire a guy and pay him say even Fifteen dollars an hour or twenty dollars an hour. You can hire him and get it done in six hours then heck Yeah, it's it's way worth it to hire the guy hire a guy for for something that's going to get you more profit quicker So you can get on to the next job.

That's really smart Now if if you can do that two thousand dollar job in one day and and Hiring you guys give you too expensive and just absorb all your profit Then by all means don't hire the guy but if if it definitely makes sense like that then I would definitely go for it Yeah, I that's that's kind of my two cents into it. So Pablo says that Jason call from handyman Web Design did his did his website He says it is the best price and you will find the best price you will find for handyman web design. I would definitely agree Let's see here Wakened us has hit the like and we'll be spending a few more hours watching your videos. Hey, man, I really appreciate it Thank you awaken. Super excited that you are interested in what I'm talking about because that's after all that's what I'm here for So mask mage says is it worth to invest into your company before it is started over time? Such as gathering the more expensive tools and stuff or better to just buy all at once when you start so That's a good question masts mate.

She's asking basically Should you invest into your business and just buy all these tools at the very beginning or buy them as you go? So that's a very good question. And that's something that could really make or break you as a handyman you Don't want to just buy everything all in once you never want to go into debt in this business What you want to do? What I did is you want to just buy things for jobs that are needed so for instance I had to age just like I had a Milwaukee m12 Impact driver the really small one and I use that on a lot of gaining end jobs Until I had a handyman job that I needed a bigger one. I just need it Just the m12 just didn't have enough torque to do it So I actually made a profit of $200 on that one auntie man job so I went and I bought the $200 I think is $198 kit with the Milwaukee m18 impact gun the charger and then an extra battery And I still use that thing today So it's important to only buy things that are gonna make you money so you don't want to like for instance go out and buy a really expensive Hammer drill if you're only going to use it two times in a year, you know what I mean? Like that would make more sense to just rent one Or buy a cheaper one when you need it You definitely don't want to buy things all at once you want to kind of buy them as you go even Even as much as your two trailer, you know operate in the back of your truck as long as you can And then but once you get a tool trailer totally changes the game, but don't invest when you don't have the money from the get-go because and even business especially if you follow this strategy of Adding 20% for business growth and 20% for profit on to your hourly need you are going to have more than enough money To buy the tools that you need when you need them if you don't add these things and you just charge say a number that you pull out of thin air when I first started in this business, I pulled a number out of thin air of $50 an hour, and I'm like I'm gonna charge that because that sounded great.

Right. I came from a place where I was making twenty-two bucks an hour So to go to a place where I'm making fifty bucks an hour was killer But then after I did my numbers I found out that I was severely under charging for my area and my need So if you only charge what your base need is and kind of what a number is out of thin air You're never gonna have enough money for the tools that you need But if you add that 20% business growth in there and 20% profit You're gonna have more than enough to buy any tool that you need when you need it. So that's what's important So you got it all starts with pricing. That's why this is such an important topic to cover So, let's see here Darrin are says buy what you need when you need it Also buy the best quality you can afford Darrin you are spot on man buy the best quality you can afford that's so important If you're going to the store and and you need to buy an impact gun Right.

You don't want to buy just the cheapest one there because it's the cheapest one there You want to buy the best that you can afford so you're gonna want to do research. I remember when my circular saw died I had a really old like Black & Decker or circular saw and I needed to buy a new one and I was severely I was actually looking at like a Harbor Freight one and my wife's like well look at some little better So I did research and found Out Milwaukee had the best one at the time so I went and I bought a pretty extensive Milwaukee one Probably at the the highest that I could afford at the time But I still use that thing today if by the best you can afford it really laughs so RPG 37 says hey from Arizona welcome man. Glad to have you Chris Hayes says bye as you need it debt can be a business killer dude, so true Chris Hayes says debt can be a business killer.

That is so true Chris Randall says Allen since you were an auto mechanic for years Did you ever Center or do you do appliance repair with your handyman services? I don't do much appliance repair I've never really been interested in a lot of plants I posted a video on Monday of me replacing or repairing my icemaker on my freezer at my house here But other than that, I don't really do any appliance repair. I've torn apart a few dryers and replace the belts and whatnot, but Predominately it's not something that offer just because it's not really something that excites me.

So yeah Michel Ambler echos what Chris Hayes said says by as you go very important very important awakened us says tools that you use a lot Invest in the best such as DeWalt or Milwaukee power tools. Yeah, man, that's so true. I would I love Milwaukee I got in Milwaukee everything But that's just me now that some people would say I could be a kind of a brand whore towards Milwaukee I love Milwaukee and just uh, yeah, I love it Masum age says good info I will have to buy as I go and Do it that way some of the bigger tools cost so much that I can usually only get one at a time Yeah, that's true, man. They do cost a lot very little money end up in appliance repair So Gil Lynn says that there's very little money in appliance repair Hey, I mean it is it's fairly cheap to buy a new whatever these days You know, I mean you can get a new dishwasher for X amount of dollars You know, why pay someone, you know their hourly rate to fix it.

At least that's my standpoint. So that's definitely a good point So I got a video coming out on Friday, which is in two days, right? And I'm pretty excited about this video. This is a little screenshot of the video and I did an interview with With one of my followers here on YouTube actually so easy. He's a handyman called Eric Smithers with simek's home services in Dallas, Texas and I was there in Dallas a few weeks ago for a business seminar and I did a I did an interview with him.

I did a few interviews with him So actually for the next few weeks you'll probably see his face quite often because there's quite a few interviews that are gonna be coming out with him in their Super wise guys, super awesome. He just started he moved. He just moved to Dallas, Texas from from Georgia and He's got some super great stories just started up a handyman service So it was really cool to bounce questions off him, you know kind of ask him questions.

He asked me questions in the in this this particular video we talked about the importance of having a group of like-minded people and Using that to grow your handyman business from the inside out So I got that video coming out on Friday and the quote that he uses and loves the road to success is always under construction so that's such a true thing to think about because You don't just get there one day You don't just start a handyman business and you are automatically success successful. The road to success is always under construction You are always going to be working on your handyman business You are always going to be working to become the successful person that you know that you can be So just super excited to release this video on Friday I hope you all will tune in and share with your friends because it's going to be a really cool informative video we're actually talked to another handyman and kind of hear a little bit about how they operate and You know how they price things like that and again the videos in the next few weeks will cover more topics Along those lines of pricing and marketing and things like that but super excited about this So make sure you share and again sharing these videos guys really helps a lot because for me starting this handyman business Changed my whole life So what I want to challenge you guys to do is share these share my YouTube videos on like your Facebook or Instagram Because you never know who out there Might be wanting to starting into in business and it might change their life entirely so you can you can offer someone like hope and and like Destination and vision and just excited man that this I'm serious as this it might sound corny But the handyman business to me is much more than just a business.

It's a lifestyle So share these videos if you haven't yet would really appreciate it and you could change someone's life WUF drum says I buy stuff supplies tools from Home Depot that I need for jobs and when I'm done I return Home Depot, and I don't get questioned on anything whenever turned dude WF drum. That's so true I do the exact same thing when I think in when I'm at Home Depot, I buy a crapload of stuff like Like say I'm doing I always buy like half of more than what I need. So say I'm installing two door knobs, right? I will buy four door knobs and then in case one of those doorknobs doesn't work, then I have two backups And so I'm always buying and returning things at Home Depot So it's never hurts to buy things and then just return on Home Depot's great with that Yeah, Darrin echoes at Home Depot is the best for returns I would I would I would third that I always shop there Or supplies when I can at walkie five year warranty and join their club To log log in all tools in case of theft.

Yeah, man. I love Milwaukee, Michael and walks is the best Awaken says looking forward to that video on Friday and be super great. Great quote motivating will be sharing dude I would have been so I went from person to person Hosta house I figure in a day is an estimate day. So I apologize for the lagging of this video Apparently I'm having some connection issues. So sorry about that Yeah, but so I I do one estimate day a week and then I I work four days a week So like I work today, I'm gonna work tomorrow.

I'm gonna work Friday. I work Tuesday, and then Monday was my estimate day Perhaps kind of backwards. I don't know why I said it that way But anyway, so that's how many jobs I take a day and so some some days. I'm doing two or three jobs some days I'm only doing one like today. I only did one job tomorrow.

I think I have two jobs and then I have one on Friday So it all depends on kind of the the length of the job how big it is things like that I can already see how passionate you are about the handyman business. So wakin, I am super passionate about it You don't even know man. It's crazy Darren asks, do you stock any sort of common parts in your rig for instance basic fittings for plumbing? yeah, man, I do I I have like p-trap essentials I have Angle stop valves Let's see. I have I guess I have like electrical wire I have receptacles I have switches, I have sprinkler PVC You know fittings and things like that some sprinklers like, you know, like one 360 190 180 I Stock a few things, but typically not a whole lot and your screws obviously nails Trying to think of what else I stock That's pretty much about it You know, I really don't stock that much but I kind of have the basic necessities because whenever I do a job I'm I'm like, I'm literally like two minutes from Home Depot, which is sweet about where I live So I'm always going to Home Depot all the time, so I'm not worried about not having parts or whatnot, so So what do you guys let's see we're gonna be ending this livestream here in a little bit But first off I wanted to talk about kind of my vlogging idea So and before we talk about vlogging what you guys think if you guys watch vlogs I was thinking about what's engaging and what people want to see and so I was thinking of this idea called.

Oh like a Log, it sounds crazy. Okay, it'd be like a work vlog so a work vlog blog like if I Committed so I'm not committing but it's just an idea I've literally have this driving home from work today, but I don't know how I'm gonna do it I just want to hear your guys's opinion so if I did a blog like every day for a month where I recorded the jobs that I did that that day and then talked a little bit about the jobs and talked a little bit about how I'm applying some of my my handyman Like things that I apply into the handyman business on a daily basis like things that have helped me out Things that I'm learning things that I'm trying to incorporate things that have really helped out my handyman business to grow in the in the past and What I have planned for the future and also putting in like the jobs that I'm working on per day so you guys get every day tune in and see the jobs that Honestly, he's working on and get a little bit of insight into your handyman business every single day for a month I mean and you guys just kind of a question Yeah, so Darren says that he would watch each and every one of them I think it would make your channel grow and attract a lot of new viewers That's that's kind of what made me think of this is I want to I want to help more people and I want to I want to get my Get my voice out there where I can help people because I feel like I've been given a really good platform here To help people start his because like I said this thing any one business has totally changed my life and I want to share this With like the world like where I was two years ago was a crappy place I was in a place where I was literally paycheck to paycheck my wife and I were struggling you know in our marriage we're struggling financially and This business along with the personal growth that has that has developed me to create this business Has really changed our lives and so I'm excited to share that with other people.

So I'm this idea of a like a will Ah a work blog Where I'm working every day and showing you guys what I'm doing every day and then also giving business insight tips Every day for a month is kind of an interesting idea. It would take a lot of work just like the idea another words the process So it likes the likes the process WUF drone says I can't afford a an enclosed trailer for tools yet But I have an old two horse trailer that I used for two trailers from time to time. Hey, that works done. Yes drum definitely a Horse trailer works great for hauling around tools another problem again. I apologize for this for this buffering I don't know why I'm having such bad in wreck connectivity today But thanks for joining in. Hey, Eric. I got a picture for you man.

This right here Eric This is you man This is the going to be the cover of my video Coming out this Friday man with your quote of the road to success is always under construction, dude, Eric It was so great talking with you in Dallas, Texas. I'm so excited to launch this video on Friday And I'm excited is like talking with you was so great because I got to talk to another handyman that had a lot of insight Into the handyman business and kind of the workings of it in this particular video that I'm posting on Friday we're going to be talking about the importance of of Being around like-minded people and being surrounded by people that watch I hope you grow your handyman business and encourage you so super excited about that Eric Smithers is here from simek's handyman services out of Dallas, Fort Worth So, let's see here Pete the ante man says I have no life so I would watch it go forth So Ben color says how do you handle telling people a number of a number bigger than they are expecting? Where you know you're going to tell them something they hate so Ben this is something that I struggled with Until I realized that I have a professional handyman and I have an hourly need So again, let's I'll just post this in the this post is real quick This is how you determine your hourly need we went over this earlier Once you establish this hourly need and know that this is what you need then you're not going to be afraid to give someone a price that's higher than maybe what they're expecting because this is up like honestly the best price that you can give them without Suffering yourself.

So if if someone is worried about your pricing and they are struggling with paying what you need And they want you to give them a discount. You're basically taking food off of your wife's table or taking food away from your kid To help them with their Nate with their job that they need I mean is that really fair like you got to think about you know, what's more important like you're your family's like well-being or Helping someone out who doesn't want to pay what you're worth, you know, so it's important to know exactly what you need for sure So, let's see here What after you use for invoice and estimates and your paragraphs so eric says joist rejoiced So, let's see check out home invoice It's the easiest one I found yet. I won't use any other so yeah homes home invoices. Definitely another one to use out there What about future work or future reference? So Ben, that's true But if someone if someone want you to pay less than what you're worth as a handyman Do you do you really want their referral I know that that's kind of hard to hear and Believe me.

I'm not trying to be like I'm not trying to be like a mean guy because I really truly care about people and their needs but you got to think about the kind of person that you're working with and you got to know how to establish your Ideal customer as a handyman because that's very important There's a lot of people out there that need handyman work but not everyone is your customer not everyone is your ideal customer? I know that sucks, especially when you're first starting because You need everyone to be your customer.

You need to make a lot of money So in the beginning you need to work for everyone and their mother, you know, and you're gonna have some crappy stories I just released the video talking about my five worst handyman jobs since I've been in business and I posted that last Friday and I got some pretty funny stories in there of kind of how that how I Came on this path to determine what my ideal customer looks like and so in that video I talked about a few Customers that were definitely not my ideal hanging a customer and kind of how I suffer from that So if you guys want to check that out, I would definitely love for you guys check that as well So, let's see here like-minded customers share like-minded friends dude Eric, that is true Kind of what is it where they say? Birds of birds of whatever It birds of a feather flock together.

It's something like that. So like Yeah, if you got a low baller East Brian and all those friends are gonna be low ballers, you know, which is cool I mean, that's whatever I'm not judging the person for that. I'm just saying like, what's your ideal customer? You know and what does that look like? It's really important to determine what your ideal customer is and maybe even draw an avatar of what that person looks like what their name is where they shop Where they where they went to school what they do for work and really narrow down who your ideal customer is Let's see, Darren R says tell them after the job is done They will call you back for future work because you are worth what you charge Yeah, that's true Ben color I just got into this building my face and oh I get it man.

Just kind of waiting What's worth what? Yeah, man, that's true. It's it's a hard thing to do Eric says focus on good paying customers and they in turn will refer good paying friends and loved ones do that. So true Ben says and Their mother is the perfect customer dude, so true Yeah, but I've had a lot of my customers that are my ideal customers neighbor firmer They're friends and they are the best customers ever. So I got to get going guys. I really appreciated my time with you all If you guys haven't yet like this video And I hope you guys learned a little bit about pricing tonight again This is the kind of the equation to determine your hourly need and again I have a very in-depth handyman pricing course at W handyman that goes really in depth into pricing and determine your hourly need and everything that is needed in that and also how to track your hourly needs so that you know that your hourly need is actually covering all your expenses so that you can maintain a good profitability and a good Business growth for your handyman business and provide a better life for your family and also help help more customers out while you're at it So I really appreciate everyone tuning in tonight Thank you all so much check out my video on Friday member It's going to be a interview with another handyman from New Haven journey mastermind group Eric Smithers and again that the road to success is always under construction You guys remember that you guys always need to continue learning? Never stop learning because it life is a journey and you guys will always be growing So setup online booking for present prices for our yes.

What's the one tool you think everyone overlooks? What's the one tool everyone overlooks I don't know that's a good question I would say the multi-tool I love the multi-tool It's good for every everything you need Charge estimate prices and deduct from job sign-on. Yeah, man Yeah, definitely. So charge them like 20 bucks for an estimate and then deduct that if they sign on for the job That's definitely one way to do it Eric. You're a smart guy Awakened Dustin's good night. Thank you. God bless you and your family man. Thank you so much. God bless you all Thank you all so much for tuning in I will see you all on Friday and then I got it got a video coming Monday, Wednesday and Friday With a live video every Wednesday night at 6:30 p.m.

6:00 dinner time Thank you all so much and I hope you guys have a fantastic night You You You You.

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