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welcome back to the fw closed up when temperatures rise oftentimes electric bills you too but you can beat the heat with some tips from David Scott owner of mr. handyman in Dallas good morning good morning to thank you for being here you're welcome thank you tell us a little bit about the history of mr. handyman well mr. handyman is a franchise and mr. handyman owned by service brands in Michigan and sister companies include Molly maids 1-800 dry clean and protect painters so it's really services companies that help consumer today's busy consumer and mr. handyman does residential commercial and insurance related maintenance all over the nation and including Canada and this can include protecting your home from the heat and can include protecting your home from the heat that's correct we have a number of things that that we have homeowners call about we have large projects and small projects and really what we do is we focus on energy efficiency we focus on saving them money doing things that are that are simple to really help the homeowner reduce their costs some of them include the maintenance of weather stripping around doors caulking around windows to reduce airflow including sealing up the plumbing openings and bathrooms those are some of the smaller things that just take a couple of hours to do all the way up to larger projects including even replacing all of your air conditioning equipment more energy efficient or making sure that you have the right ventilation the turban vents on on the roof making sure your soffits are clear so air can flow through the roof we do all that type of work for people all over dallas and fort worth what are some of the most common calls that you get during the summer month do people realize where heat is coming in through their houses you know really I don't think they do I think we get calls and when our when our technicians go out our technicians can do quick inspections on things to see if door sweeps and thresholds haven't been maintained properly or if they can see caulking coming off of windows or windows that aren't adjusted properly there's all different types of things that we can do and a couple of hours to help homeowners and really we get calls for your average type of projects and then when our technicians go out they're trained to look for other things to help the homeowner out and maintain their home what are the most common places or problematic areas where he can get into your home during summer months really it's the it's the windows and the doors if you've lived in your home of a long time the the weather stripping isn't properly maintained or the threshold so so air can seep around the the the doors or the windows but what people don't realize is that also your electrical outlets your switches the the plumbing under your sink you can all put foam around that or interesting how does that work and how does that affect your electric bill it's actually very very simple for stuff in the house around the the plumbing fixtures you just spray foam around it to keep the air from seeping out that way for light switches and electrical outlets there's little foam pads you can put behind there to block them and you think about how many outlets and switches are in a standard home all of them ventilate to the the framing of the house and let the the you know the the cold air out or the hot a RN okay it's very simple to maintain so had a home maybe not been inspected it's been inspected you know fixes are made repairs are done how much money do you think people can save well you know we read statistics on if you do it all you can save twenty percent on your electric bills easily and you know we don't follow up with customers really to track the metrics and the statistics on what they're saving all we know is we do a lot of jobs where people call us and we go out there and realize that that there's small things we can do to help them that save you know hundreds of dollars a year well thank you very much for sharing welcome here with us this thank you for having me to learn more about protecting your home from Heath and saving dollars go to mr.

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