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HANDYMAN-tips and tricks: bleeding of radiators from:

it's a problem where your radiators seem to be hot the top cold in the middle and hotter bottle so what's happening is you got trapped air in the middle of great leaders what you basically need to do then is to lead radiators by leading what I mean is taking on the air from the valve and society of your radiator Norman every radiator has two sides the side their way you can take the water out the dirty water out and this side whether what we call it bleed nipple now you might these things from most DIY stores minus with this unique contraption it's nothing more than it the key that fits into your radiator bleed valve it takes out the dirty water and traps it in there so the position this at the end of your radiator and you'd suck it anti clockwise until you hear this insult now that kissing sound means there's water in your radiators that is in some now that is in some measure the more of a new radiators in here now followed by water so you've removed all the trapped air and then you should have a little bit of water coming out of your radiator into your bottle and then in turn it off they hear it radiator bleed it no more air trapped inside is that when you put it back on this should be a spot as the other ones


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