STTS Training presents Email Handyman programmes in Singapore

email do you love it or do you hate it or maybe it's a little of both if you like me and many others today email has become perhaps our most important business tool but many of us are struggling with the impact of an overflowing inbox on our day-to-day work so here are some questions do you feel that your inbox is costing you more time than it's saving you do you feel you're receiving too many emails and your real tasks are slipping out of sight do you ever wonder if there's a better way to process all your emails more efficiently well here's the good news there is and it's called email handyman no this is not a person it's a concept for on-the-job training in more effective use of email email handyman programs have become so popular from Europe where they started out that they are now available in seven languages in many different countries we're very excited that stts training is email handyman's partner in delivering these programs in Asia the programs are short yet powerful sessions in which you'll learn about four new folders three golden rules two quick decisions one valuable tool and zero mail in your inbox every day plus of course you'll see the huge benefits for you and your organization when you follow email handyman's guidelines you'll have more control over your tasks and commitments you'll trust that you are not overlooking things you'll make better decisions and have peace of mind you'll spend more time on important tasks and yes you'll keep your inbox down to zero every day if you're tired of struggling with overflowing in boxes call us today on singapore 6h 38 1069 and find out how stts training can deliver email handyman programs for you and all your staff

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