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Home Projects: What’s in the Renovation Plans for the Coming Year

In this post: If you’re the type who likes to plan your yearly home projects in advance, you might be inspired by our renovation plans for the coming year.⇒

There are some things I enjoy doing over and over again.

That is to say, not all repetition is bad.

Yes, the second I finish updating one space, I’ve got another one coming up right behind it. And some rooms I tweak multiple times.

But if I ever sat down to map out my home projects and update plans for the coming year and I had nothing on my list, I think I’d be pretty sad.

Yesterday I shared what I accomplished in our home this past year and quite frankly, it was a lot. The coming year is a bit less ambitious.

But it’s also much more clear.

There are 3 specific projects I’d consider actual renovations, while the others are more like decorating, organizing and painting. Let’s take a look.

First on my list is a room I dabbled with this past year, never finished and now I’m glad I didn’t as our needs have changed.

The room is our blue guest room and, as I mentioned yesterday, I refreshed the linens this past year but didn’t do much else. As it turns out, with hubby working at home now, we need more than one office in the house.

I’ll be adding some furnishings in this guest room, to ensure it can function as my work space. This is not terribly upsetting as it’s the sunniest room in the house!

With an easy win out of the way, I hope to move on next to what will likely be the biggest project, or close to it.

This is one of those things I’ve wanted to do since the day we moved in, but the first time I priced it out, it seemed cost prohibitive and it got moved to the bottom of the list.

I’m talking about the floor tile in our entryway.

The problem is, I wanted it to be marble and it extends all the way through our foyer, down the hallway past the closets, into the butler’s pantry and powder room, and ends at the back entry to the garage.

It’s also why I hate it so much.

Sure, it’s neutral and not that offensive.  And I did my best to cover parts of it with a rug.

But it’s very pedestrian in what should be a stately entryway, with crystal chandeliers, silver accents and gilded mirrors.

I believe I’ll be compromising with a porcelain tile that looks like marble to accommodate the design at the same time as the budget.  This one may take some time and will be a big mess, but I’m pretty motivated.

The second big project I’ve got my eye on is our smallest bath.

This one is in the room my son uses when he stays over.  It’s typical builder’s grade and there’s not much to it. It’s neutral so it doesn’t stand out, but it’s as bland as they come.

At the very least it will get a new vanity, sink, faucet and light fixture.

I don’t love the tile but I may live with it for a while.

It’s the shower door that drives me crazy more than the rest. But this will take some thought. I was hoping not to have to gut the space.

The third project that involves anything resembling construction is a much smaller and simpler project and is driven by my ongoing quest for organization.

I’d like to have our back entry coat closet customized and possibly one or two more of our other closets, as well.

We had previously done our master bedroom closet and I find a professional closet system makes a huge difference.

Additionally, a project that was on my list last year that never got completed was our laundry room, another builder grade special.

It’s reasonably spacious and light enough, but is about as institutional and ordinary as can be.

I expect it will get only a refacing this year, but I definitely hope to give it at least that.

Smaller goals on the list include a few painting projects, with the chest of drawers below first in line. I had hoped to do this one last year and hence expect to get to it early in the year.

It will still be light and distressed looking but the faux paint it came with looks a little too forced.

I also plan to repaint the tabletop in our breakfast room, in this case because it hasn’t worn well.

It’s a pleasure to know I can fix that kind of thing without buying a new table!  Had I known that when I bought it, I would have added a coat of clear wax right away.

And finally I have a few organization projects planned, to finish what I started last year.  I’d got most of the house done over the course of the year, but I’ll be working on the kitchen cabinets (those that are not as neat as the glass fronts… ;-)), our book shelves, and the linen closets.

As much as I’m looking forward to completing these plans, I hope 2021 brings us more important changes, like the end of the virus and a return to life outside the home!

If I’ve gotten none of this done when I look back at the end of the year, because I spent more time traveling and being with family, that would be just fine too!!

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