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10 times Elon Musk proved that Tesla doesn't need car dealers (TSLA)

10 times Elon Musk proved that Tesla doesn’t need car dealers (TSLA)

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Tesla is infamous for not having traditional car dealerships in America. Instead, the company sells vehicles directly to its customers — but only in US states that permit it to do so. 
All other major automakers doing business in the U…

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Two British students stranded in Dubai are finally told they can return home

James Dua-Wiafi and Stanley Kundishora were banned from leaving the UAE until a hearing over alleged assault when they disputed how much they were being charged for rental car repairs.

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Lockdown interviews show poor housing quality has made life even tougher

Life during COVID-19 has not been a uniform experience. There have been distinct differences in how people have contended with lockdown, depending on whether they have access to safe, secure and decent accommodation.

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Saving Money With A Pre-Purchase Building

Obtaining a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection is an extremely important element of any home purchase. Prior to your purchase gets unconditional, you ou

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Daily briefing: US phone data shows restaurants are COVID hot spots

How to stop restaurants, gyms and hotels from driving COVID infections, why COVID death rates seem to be falling and an incredibly cute marsupial is three species, not one.

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