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30 Best Home Based Franchises

30 Best Home Based Franchises

Looking for the best home based franchises? Whether a part-time franchise or work from home options for moms, check our list to find a franchise.

17 Dumb Home-Buying Mistakes That Hurt Your Wallet

Learn about home-buying mistakes that can hurt your wallet — and steps you can take to avoid them.

Making the U.S. Navy “Antifragile”

James Holmes
Security, China

What would it take to make the Navy be able to not only withstand, but actually benefit, from taking a hammer blow?
Here’s What You Need to Remember: Platforms specially designed for HA/DR must rank behind capital ships or ships…

Doomsday prepping for less crazy folk

Published at lcamtuf.coredump.cxDoomsday prepping for less crazy folk

1. Introduction [link]

The prepper culture begs to be taken with a grain of salt. In a sense, it has
all the makings of a doomsday cult: a tribe of unkempt misfits who hoard gold

Home Improvement Pros Reveal Their Clients’ Most Avoidable Money-Wasters

If you’ve ever had that panicky moment of realizing you still don’t know how to turn off the water supply as you get sprayed in the face with a plumbing situation, you know that sometimes you desperately need a professional’s help.

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